You've been buttoning cardigans wrong – savvy woman's hack will stop them from ever gaping again | The Sun

WHENEVER we buy a new piece of clothing, it's pretty much a rule that we have to wear it every day until it starts falling apart at the seams.

But the awkward thing with cardigans is that they start to lose their shape over time – meaning you're WAY more likely to fall victim to some awkward wardrobe malfunctions.

Well if you also struggle with cardis gaping around the bust, then you might want to take a leaf out of Kristina Kacheeva's book.

Last week, the fashion influencer shared an Instagram reel where she passed on her simple trick for getting around this issue.

To begin with, Kristina unbuttoned the ones that were straining and left the others as they were.

Then, she buttoned the two diagonally – so one button went through a higher hole while the other one is threaded through the hole beneath.

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This easy tip creates a zig-zag effect which effectively covers your bust and makes your cardigan more fitted.

Needless to say, Kristina's life hack was a hit with her 876,000 followers.

"I just had this problem today," one wrote. "Thanks for sharing!"

Another added: "Well I wish I saw this 40 years ago!"

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Meanwhile, a third wrote: "Omg YASS THANK YOU!"

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