You've been applying your fake tan all wrong – the five tips to getting it right & how to use the mitt on your back

WHETHER you are an OG fake tanner or have only just started your journey, there are always new things to learn to improve your routine.

Here, at Fabulous, we've been using fake tan religiously since our teenage days – and there were, doubtlessly, some big, orange, streaky mistakes we made.

Luckily, you don't have to fall victim to the same mishaps we did, as a TikToker has shared her ABC of fake tanning, including a tip on how to achieve an evenly tanned back.

Like many, the redhead beauty, Sophie Anderson, has been in a committed relationship with fake tan – she uses mousse – for many years and has certainly learnt many tips in the meantime.

Tip 1, according to her, is always exfoliating dry spots before ''as this is where the tan tends to cling to'' – so no more dark and patchy knees, ankles, wrists, knuckles and elbows.


If you're still scared of ultra tanned spots that don't match the rest of your body – don't worry, we've all been there – it's worth following her second tip.

''Work in sections, leaving elbows, hands and knees until last,'' she says, ''Because you don't need as much product in these areas.''

Her next advice is for your upper body – chest and back.

''For an even coverage on your chest, use a make-up brush to help buff the product in!''

The bigger the brush, the better as this will quicken the process.

Is your back always the least tanned and ends up in white patches that you missed?

Well, there's an easy fix – just use the mitt backwards ''so you can reach around!''

One last step before you head to sleep to then wake up like a sun-kissed goddess is sorting out your face.

For this, simply use a fake tanning mist and, more importantly, don't forget to blend it in your ears, as well as your hairline for an even, natural look.

Achieving that perfect glow has never been easier with this ABC – and now there's no excuse for a streaky mess!

It's best to keep your tears in for a bit -as woman fears worst fake tan fail ever after piling on layers of St Moritz dark when she cried off the first lot.

Don't forget to wash your fake tanning mitts! Beauty fan cleans her fake tan mitts using shampoo and the disgusting results will give you the shivers.

Pale and streaky hands? Woman shares the easy way she fixes patchy fake tan with zero scrubbing and it only takes seconds.

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