You're in the top 3% in the world if you can complete this seemingly easy hand trick – it's harder than it looks | The Sun

ONLY a small percentage of people can apparently complete a challenge involving your fingers that is harder than it looks.

A viral Instagram video featuring the "trick" has the internet questioning whether they can complete the surprisingly difficult task.

Healthtips_68 shared a video on their page challenging followers to try it.

The creator of the video announced the "brand new hand challenge" and demonstrated the steps.

The video asks viewers to put their pointer finger and thumb together while simultaneously touching their pinky to their ring finger.

At the same time, the video shows the hand's middle finger "doing the wave" while the other four fingers remain still.


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Viewers had expected the trick to be easy but the video creator claims that only three percent of people can successfully do it.

Some viewers commented in shock at how easy the trick was.

Others expressed that they could even do the trick on both hands.

However, many commented saying that they had difficulty completing the challenge.

One viewer even stated that each finger had "a mind of its own."

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