You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot all seven hidden items within the building site mess in less than a minute | The Sun

ONLY eagle-eyed viewers are able to spot the seven hidden items in this busy construction scene.

This tricky brainteaser challenges viewers to find the bee, slug, hammer, caterpillar, shovel, and two different lots of nails.

Its creators Selco Builders Warehouse claim that if you can find all seven in under a minute you are above average.

Most people take over a minute to identify the objects.

Viewers have been stumped as they search among the busy scene for the items.

The picture shows a messy construction site with tools on the grass, a ladder leaning on a wall, and a number of items strewn on the floor.

The objects are different sizes, making solving the puzzle even more tricky.

Viewers struggling to find the hammer should cast their eyes to the bottom right corner of the picture.

Meanwhile, those hoping to find the slug should look to the bottom left of the design.

The use of similar colors for different objects makes the puzzle even trickier.

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One set of light grey nails can be spotted on the top of the wall in the top left corner.

Meanwhile, the second pair can be seen on the grass at the bottom of the picture.

The green caterpillar can be seen just to the right of the photo lying on the grass.

The bee can be seen doing what bees do best, landing on the blue flower which is almost in the center of the image.

Lastly, the fiendish shovel can be spotted leaning against the wall near the ladder with the grey handle standing out against the brown brick.

If you’re really struggling to find the items, you can find the answer to the puzzle below.

If you enjoyed that puzzle, see if you can spot the snake lurking among the herd of giraffes.

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