Woman who asked for cleaning advice is mercilessly mocked for her VERY rude looking items

A WOMAN who asked for cleaning tips for the grips of her scooter has been mercilessly mocked for them looking rather rude indeed. 

The two cylindrical handles were pictured soaking in a tub of water, but people were quick to say they initially thought they were erotic bedroom items. 

The woman innocently asked for help on the Facebook group Hinch Army Cleaning Tips. 

She wrote: “Of these scooter grips? I’ve tried the dishwasher, viakal, hg grout cleaner, cillit bang mould remover.”

Although she did get some helpful suggestions of Dettol cleaner, others joked that they had initially thought the handles were something completely different. 

One person wrote: “I was seriously concerned about your lady parts for a moment then.”

I thought there was a new toy on the block, that I needed for my collection.

Another added: “There’s definitely two types of people in this world.. I had to double take.”

Meanwhile, another commented: “Sooo glad it’s not just me that’s minds in the gutter.”

And a third said: “I thought there was a new toy on the block, that I needed for my collection.”

What did you see?

Meanwhile, these entirely innocent snaps could be confused for something very rude indeed.

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