Woman transforms her kitchen worktops using a £4.50 tool and trendy marble stickers

A WOMAN has revealed how she managed to revamp her entire kitchen on a budget, just by using worktop stickers.

Posting on Facebook group, Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, created by thrifty mum Holly Smith, she shared incredible before-and-after photos.

Updating a kitchen can be a costly and time-consuming job, but if you’ve got £20 and three hours spare you can transform it yourself.

A woman revealed the incredible result after using £15 worktop stickers from Wilko’s and a nifty tool from B&Q, costing just £4.50.

She posted: “Wilkos self adhesive stickers! Black is before white is after.

“Helpful tool from b&q makes it a lot easier!”

And she later revealed the entire transformation took her just one afternoon, adding: “It took me about 3 hours but I am a perfectionist!

“It was a little stressful at times but easy enough to do there is a tool you can buy with it at b&q to smooth it out.”

And if you’re inspired, one person left a handy comment explaining exactly how to do it.

They said: “Best way to apply this is like how they do window tinting, spray the surface with some diluted baby shampoo, wipe over surface.

  • D-C-Fix Self adhesive film fixing kit, B&Q, £4.50 – buy now

“Leave damp then apply sticky back plastic, smooth out it slides in to place you can pop air bubbles with a pin.”

People have been praising the woman’s handiwork online, calling her new kitchen “fab” and “amazing”.

One person commented: “Gorgeous I need to try this my worktop look so dull and worn.”

Although one person warned: “Just don’t put a hot pan down on the side I made that mistake.”


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