Woman transforms £20 desk using high gloss paint and new drawer knobs – and it looks completely different now

A WOMAN has proved you don’t need to fork out for an expensive desk by transforming an old one she picked up second hand. 

J'marie Shepherd spent just £10 on paint and £12 on some new handles, and her swanky new green desk looks completely unrecognisable. 

Taking to the Facebook group DIY on a Budget UK, she shared incredible before and after photos of her home project. 

J’marie wrote: “Needed a desk at home, searched high and low on the Internet for something suiting to my style (which is a bit out there). 

“No luck, popped to a second hand furniture store locally and picked up this desk for £20. 

“Paint cost £10 (rustoleum emerald Green gloss effect) and the handles are from Knobbles and Bobbles, they were I think £12 for all four.”

Talented J’marie said that she is “pretty pleased” with the finished result, and she has racked up an army of impressed fans in the process. 

The post has hundreds of likes, with one person raving: “Looks amazing!!!”

Another person added: “The design and handles give it the wow factor.”

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