Woman shows how her body changes dress sizes EVERY day of the week – and yours probably does too

A WOMAN has revealed how her body dramatically changes in size throughout the week – and says yours probably does too.

Health and lifestyle influencer Bree Lenehan filmed her side profile for seven days, and documented how her stomach changed in size dramatically from day to day sharing it on her Instagram account.

On the third day her belly was at it’s very flattest of the week but by the following day it had bloated to the biggest it was that entire week.

Captioning her post, Bree wrote: “Just leaving this here as a reminder that you cannot base your worth around something as ever-changing as your body!”

She continued: “It’s constantly working hard for us. MILLIONS of little microscopic tasks are happening within our bodies every minute, so it’s hardly fair to expect your body to always look the same.

“Not only that, but many external factors can cause your body to fluctuate as well:

“Stress, sleep, what we eat, how much we eat, exercise, hormones, food allergies/intolerances, excess sodium, fluid retention, inflamed muscles, etc

“And not only did I notice changes in my body, but also in my skin, my mood, my energy and how I felt overall.”

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Bree added that she filmed her own body for educational purposes and warns against people struggling with body image not to do the same.

Her post has since gone viral, amassing almost 65,000 likes and thousands of comments from people praising her for her honesty.

One wrote: “Thank you so much for helping me to love my body.”

“Thanks for shedding light on this Bree,” added another, while a third wrote, “You don’t know how you help me right now Thank you thank you so much.”

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