Woman shares the adorable packed lunches she makes with shapes & googly eyes – but they’re for her HUSBAND

A WOMAN has revealed the adorable lunchboxes she makes every morning with shapes and googly eyes – for her husband. 

The doting wife shared her creations online, which are in the style of Bento boxes with different compartments for each dish. 

The snaps shared to Facebook group Lunchbox Ideas Australia show vegetables cut into the shape of hearts and bunnies, while googly eyes, rabbits and paw-shaped sticks are stuck into the food. 

Explaining why she makes such elaborate dishes for her husband, the woman wrote: “I don’t have kids yet but I’m lucky to have a husband who lets me practice making fun lunches.” 

Dozens of people commented on the snap, calling her actions “cute” and “wifey”. 

But some questioned how she had the time to whip up a lunch every day for her other half, with one person asking: “Geez, who has the time?”

Someone else wrote: “I love that you do this for your partner. If I made my partner lunches like this i’m 100% certain he’d be too embarrassed to eat in front of his work mates.”

While this person joked: “That is actually the cutest thing ever.

"I have 2 kids and my partner is always so jealous of their lunch boxes.”

While someone else said: “I’d rather spend the time with my girl than hours making pretty lunches. But that’s me.”

But the woman defended her lunchboxes, claiming “The effort is worth it,” and that they’re “made with love.”

She added: “When we are graced with a baby I’m sure it will be very cherished and spoiled.”

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