Woman shares quick hack for cleaning make-up brushes & sponges in washing machine & you can chuck them in together

A BEAUTY fan has shared a quick hack for cleaning make-up brushes and sponges in the washing machine.

The hack comes weeks after an influencer revealed her genius titbit for cleaning make-up brushes using a metal sieve.

And now another unlikely kitchen appliance is coming to the rescue of beauty fans everywhere to get their brushes clean in a jiffy.

Earlier this month, TikTok user @malsabena posted a video captioned, "How to clean your brushes with little effort", which has been viewed nearly 30,000 times.

In the short clip, she shared five simple steps to have your beauty blenders and brushes without getting your hands dirty.

Starting off, Malaika put her dirty brushes and sponges into an old pillow case.

She then covered her beauty utensils with a squeeze of washing up liquid, a cup of fabric softener and half a cup of washing powder.

Ensuring the brushes don't fall out, she tied the open end of the pillowcase in a knot and placed it into the washing machine on the "lowest spin and time".

Leaving the machine to work it's magic, Malaika explained that your brushes and blenders should look like new.

While it may not be best for those with sensitive skin to try, Malaika did put other beauty fans' mind to rest when they asked whether the process would damage their brushes.

One concerned user asked: "I'd get scared the water would get logged in the brush and make the brush hairs fall out".

To which Malaika reassuringly responded: "I've put brushes from primark, amazon & wilkco and they're still firmly intact.

"It depends on the machine itself and the setting, lowest speed + time" (sic).



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