Woman reveals the shocking measures she uses to keep safe in a hotel & says every girl should know them

A WOMAN has shared the extreme lengths she goes to when checking in to hotels to keep herself safe.

The TikTok user, stockingsgirl, shared a video of all the precautions she takes when going into a hotel room.

Amy shared the video on TikTok, where the video has been viewed over 24 million times.

She captioned the video: "Girls go to the hotel first…"

To begin with, she locks her hotel door and uses a portable door lock to ensure no one can get into the room, whether they have a door card or not.

As an extra precaution, she puts a teacup over the handle of the door so that if someone does try to open it, the cup will fall and notify her if she is sleeping, the noise could also deter possible intruders from trying to get in.

Amy then closes the curtain and turns all of the lights off to use an infrared detector.

She scans the room with the device, an infrared detector can reveal if there are any hidden cameras in the room and she makes sure to check everywhere including the shower, vents, and plug sockets.

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Amy also checks the mirrors to make sure there are not made of two-way glass.

Two-way glass mirrors can mean someone is able to see into your room, a simple way to test whether it is or not is by using the fingernail test.

Amy does this by putting her fingertip onto the mirror, if there is a gap between your finger and the reflection, it is most likely a standard mirror.

But if there is no gap and it looks like your finger is directly touching the one in the mirror, it could be a sign that it is in fact two-way glass.

Women on TikTok were grateful for Amy's safety tips, and some users suggested their own tips to make sure you are safe.

"Actually before even locking the door you should hold it open with something and check behind and under everything first." Commented one user to make sure no one is in the room before you lock the door.

Although users were grateful for the tips, they were also disappointed at the extent of safety precautions women feel the need to take.

One woman said: "Notice how everyone is giving her MORE advice. Why has the world become so unsafe for women that we can’t even relax at a damn hotel."

"It's sad that this is what we have to do just to sleep in a hotel." Responded another woman.

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