Woman reveals game-changing hack to French braid your hair in just 5 minutes & anyone can do it | The Sun

PLAITS and braids have never been more popular then they have now, if you dream of Kim Kardashian Dutch braids but can't braid from the root then look no further.

Luckily, one TikTok user has shared her brilliant hack to doing French braids with minimal effort.

Harmony Miller, 18, from London shared her tip in a TikTok video and people can't get enough of it.

In the video, Harmony said: "Girl's if you don't know how to french plait and your hair is an absolute state, like this, please do this hairstyle, it is a bl**dy game-changer."

Harmony said she had already seen four girls come up on her 'For You Page' doing the hack and said she doesn't understand why she hasn't though of this before.

The first step is to part your hair in the middle and give it a good brush through so there are no knots.

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She then takes half of her hair and chucks it into a ponytail so that it doesn't get in the way.

She then says to take a small section from the front of the head and another section the same size just underneath and twist them.

Each time you twist you then add a small bit of hair to each section, like a French braid but without actually braiding it.

She then says once you have twisted it to the bottom of your scalp you can then divide the hair into three sections and start plaiting.

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Harmony ties the bottom of the plait with a hairband and uses a few bobby pins to keep the twists in place.

The video has been shared over 25,000 times and watched by almost half a million.

Harmony finished the video saying; "and there it is, finished. So quick, so easy and it is so cute."

Lots of users couldn't wait to try the simple hack

One replied: "This has changed my whole life thank you for this."

A second user commented: "OMG this is a game-changer I'm so glad I came across your video."

Others said it didn't work on their hair or that they struggle with putting extra bits of hair in the twist.

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One user wrote: "The issue I have is not the plaiting it's the picking up the extra bits as I go along."

Another said: "This is so hard to do. My hair looks so loose when doing it xx"

Either way, Harmony looks incredible with her hairstyle and everyone could agree on that.

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