Woman, 37, reveals her husband shot down her plans to dye her hair plum saying she’s too old and ‘had her time’

A WOMAN has taken to Mumsnet to share how her husband shot down her plans to dye her hair a dark plum shade because he thinks she's too old for it.

The 37-year-old, feeling inspired to lose some weight and change up her hairstyle for 2021, shared her plans with her partner over breakfast, but it didn't go down too well.

She said that she was thinking of changing her hair back to the plum shade that she'd had when she and her husband first met a few years beforehand, but her husband's dismissive response left her scratching her head.

Writing on Mumsnet she said, "He responded with 'you have had your time' … I’m 37. Is there some kind of unsaid fashion rule regarding hair colours and age?"

The general consensus on Mumsnet was that there is absolutely no such thing as age-appropriate hair, and that she should dye her hair however she pleases.

Many women with pink and red hair argued that age really has nothing to do with it and that she should do it if it makes her happy.

One Mumsnet user wrote, "I'm in my 50s and had pink hair earlier this year, then blue black and it is now dark purple. That is a gorgeous shade of plum in your photo OP, go for it!"

That being said, there were a few who sided with her husband.

One wrote, "'It depends really….if it goes with your overall 'style' then fine…otherwise it might look a bit trying too hard/trying to relive your youth which can just come across as a bit sad sorry.' 

Another argued that perhaps it was because her husband thought it could look unprofessional as it's more of a fashion colour.

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