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A YOUNG mum has revealed gruesome images of gaping wounds in her rear – after her Brazilian butt lift went horribly wrong.

Angela Pedrosa, 26, was left with rotting flesh and massive craters in her behind after 300mls of industrial silicone were allegedly injected into both cheeks in a back alley practice in Rio de Janeiro.

And investigators has identified the bogus doctor as Simone Costa, who worked as a massage therapist and has no medical qualifications.

Following the botched surgery, Angela was left with unsightly scars and spent over two months in excruciating pain in hospital as doctors fought to save her life.

Angela first decided to have two aesthetic bum enhancement injections in the space of a month a year ago in September last year.

She said: "I was doing exercises and going to the gym regularly but I wasn’t happy with the way I looked.

"I wanted my bum to have an extra lift, to look more pert and sexier.

"But I nearly paid the price for my vanity with my life."

She was allegedly treated by massage therapist, Simone Costa, whose phoney back alley practice was recommended by others because she offered butt augmentation services in clients’ homes at low prices.

However, instead of customers receiving the expected hydrogel butt injections, the formula was apparently substituted for silicone, as is believed to have happened in Angela’s case.

The self-confessed gym-bunny revealed that she already had a stunning figure after working out up to four times a week for years.

She said: "But this wasn’t enough for me and I became obsessed with getting this done.

"When Simone’s services were recommended by a friend, I discussed it with my relatives but they went ballistic and warned me against doing it."

She wasn’t deterred even after hearing about the deaths of other women in Brazil including that of Lilian Calixto, 46, in July last year.

I wanted my bum to have an extra lift, to look more pert and sexier. But I nearly paid the price for my vanity with my life

Angela said: "I just thought Lilian and the others was unlucky and this wouldn’t happen to me.

"Even so, I decided to play it a bit safe and to put just 100mls in my bum in the first session in September last year, to see if there was a reaction."

A month later, on October 17, she went back for the final top up of 200mls.

On the day of these injections, her mother, Ana Claudia, arrived at her home unexpectedly and found her daughter with a bunch of needles sticking out of her behind.

She had misled her family by telling them she was having a massage and lymphatic drainage.

Within an hour of the procedure being done, the married mum who has two boys aged three and nine and a step daughter of seven, began experiencing searing pains throughout her body.

Her mother said: "The woman, doing the treatment, gave her several painkillers but it was no use.

"The pain just got worse. At one point Angela told me she was going deaf. I was in a state of panic."

The rapidly deteriorating woman was rushed to accident and emergency and admitted the same day to Rocha Faria Municipal Hospital.

Angela said: "I was in hospital for over two months and in the most awful pain for at least 20 days, even morphine had little effect.

"I was totally helpless, I had to lie on my front and I fell into a deep depression."

Despite intensive medical intervention to save her glutes, the infection accelerated in both cheeks as flesh, muscles and tissues rotted away and sepsis started to affect other organs causing her body to balloon to twice its size.

She cried: "I remember being transferred to another hospital because of my worsening condition and overhearing the ambulance crew telling my mum to pray because I was going into septic shock and close to dying.

"At that point, I thought about my small children and I begged God not to let me die."Doctors saved her life by cutting out the decaying cells and pumping her body with antibiotics and steroids.

They then promised to rebuild her glutes but she would have to wait for up to a year while the scars which were hard, softened and healed.

On Wednesday, Angela learned she will need further surgery to repair the damage to reconstruct her disfigured rear.

I was going into septic shock and close to dying. At that point, I thought about my small children and I begged God not to let me die

Surgeons will transfer fat from areas of her body to create more fullness in her glutes.

This will be her second controversial Brazilian butt lift (BBL) procedure, which according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has an alarming mortality rate.

Earlier this month Britain's leading plastic surgeons announced they will launch a formal review into the safety of BBL.

However, Angela has little choice with what she can do.

Last month, plastic surgeons removed fat deposits under liposuction from her thighs to rebuild her bum.

However, this first op hasn’t altogether gone according to plan.

The physicians became alarmed when some of the transplanted deposits were rejected and started rotting away.

It also left her with a lop-sided backside as ‘the left cheek requires more filler’, they said.

The follow-up op will extract additional fat from her tummy and should equalise the shape of her behind.

What is a Brazilian Bum Lift?

A Brazilian Bum Lift, sometimes known as a BBL has grown in popularity over the past year, and is considered a more 'natural' alternative to silicone implants.

It's an invasive surgical procedure under general anaesthetic, and involves liposuction from the waist/inner thighs/back or any problem areas.

They will then purify the removed fat, before inserting it in the bum and hips to create the perfect hourglass figure and round bum.

A BBL can cost anything from around £3,000 (if done abroad) to £10,000.

Ex on the Beach star Laura-Alicia Summers spent £5,000 on a Brazilian lift, which she forked out for in a bid to look like Kim Kardashian.

Towie's Chloe Sims has had two boob jobs and a Brazilian bum lift, while Big Brother star Lateysha Grace has had three bum lifts in the past.

But this surgery has now been delayed while she recovers from the first.

Angela said: "I’m terrified that this reconstruction will not work.

"I’ve been in constant pain since it was done in September and the stitches have split, the fat transferred has leaked out and left another dent."

Meanwhile, Costa was arrested at her home shortly after being identified by police as the suspect operating illegally as the medical professional.

The suspect was detained in prison for three months but has since been released on bail.

She is due to appear in court facing charges of grievous bodily harm, causing permanent damage to the victim and operating illegally as a medical professional.

She could face up to ten years in prison if convicted.

Efforts to contact Costa’s lawyer went unanswered and it’s believed she no longer operates a clandestine clinic.

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