What your Chinese animal sign Snake has in store for you this Chinese New Year 2021

THE Chinese New Year is an annual celebration that takes place every February.

It is also known as the Spring Festival and highlights an animal from the zodiac sign to represent the lunar calendar; this year will celebrate the Ox.

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Snakes represent acumen, divinity, and mystery in the Chinese zodiac.

The years of the Snake are: 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025, and 2037.

Snakes are the sixth animal of the Chinese zodiac including others such as the Rat, the Ox, the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Horse, the Goat, the Monkey, the Rooster, the Dog and the Pig.

Snakes are considered calm, rational, loyal, and graceful.

They are deep thinkers filled with skepticism but will always follow through with their plans.

Snake's career in the Year of the Ox

Snakes will have a very successful financial year, especially in the March and June months.

Regardless, they must still remain cautious with their money and avoid overspending frivolously. 

They should not make any sudden career changes as it could be disastrous in the long run.

Snakes should focus on perfecting their skills at work and will need to work hard to prove themselves towards the half of the year, more specifically around August through November.


The Snake will need to seek reassurance and stable relationships this year to avoid disappointment and rejection.

They may experience new love this year as long as they don’t settle in their search and continue to have hope something good will come.

A Snake’s biggest wish is to be loved and cherished by others and thrive in settings where the attention solely lies on them.

Couple Snakes should continue to work on their relationships and seek harmony year-round, as many challenges may arise from the partnership.


Snakes will have overall good health all of 2021.

However, they should carefully watch their mental health and prevent bouts of anxiety and depression — which they are prone to suffering from.

They should seek the advice of professionals and spend time outdoors enjoying nature and doing restorative activities.

Meditation will also give them the balance they need to carry on through the year.

This sign must avoid stressful situations and take care of their immune system diligently.

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