What Millennials Don’t Want To Be Asked On Thanksgiving — So Please Listen Up

‘Tis the season to be asked a thousand questions about your life. Well, at least if you’re a millennial or sitting at the "kids table" on Thanksgiving Day, you know this to be true. You walk through the door and are greeted by relatives who you typically only see once a year. They give you a big hug, and then instantly start with lighthearted questions about school or your new office, and you politely answer. The most frustrating part is that they mean well, and just want the best for you, but you’d rather not have to answer — again. Here’s exactly what millennials don’t want to be asked on Thanksgiving. Please listen up, relatives, because certain questions are getting really old.

As a millennial, you’re tired of your personal life becoming a side dish at the turkey dinner. Everybody is casually talking about old family stories or the vacation they took last month. Pop culture always gets brought up at some point — but then, there’s a lull in conversation. Your heart starts racing a bit, because you know what’s coming: the questions. The detailed inquiries and advice about your relationships, friendships, and plans for the future. (Can we go back to talking about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, please?)

You smile and nod through it all, making up answers when you don’t really have one. These 11 millennials understand the struggle can be all too real at times, and are sharing exactly what you don’t want to be asked on Thanksgiving, yet again.

1Don’t Make A Millennial Repeat Their College Major

— Paige

2Don’t Ask When They’re Going To Get Married

— Tori

3Don’t Ask About Their Post-Graduation Plans

— Tessa

4Seriously, Just Steer Clear Of Relationships Altogether

— Anonymous

5Don’t Ask The Married Couples About When They Plan On Having Kids

— Anonymous

6Don’t Ask If They’ve Landed A Job Yet

— Anonymous

7Don’t Ask Who They Voted For

— Bri

8Once Again, Relationships Are Really Off The Table

— Anonymous

9Give Them Personal Space When It Comes To Tattoos

— Libby

10…And About Their Position On Marriage

— Anonymous

11Don’t Ask About Their Student Loans

— Anonymous

Some responses have been lightly edited for length and clarity.

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