What is the Viennese oyster sex position?

THERE are a many different sex positions, many of which have superb names and require some serious gymnastic flair.

Viennese Oyster is one of them, but what is it, and is it popular in the UK?

What is the Viennese oyster sex position?

The Viennese oyster is quite an unusual approach and requires a lot of flexibility, according to Bad Girls Bible.

In order to do it, the person receiving lays down on their back while grabbing and spreading them, and also pulling them back towards them.

They then have their legs so far back that their knees are touching (or close to touching) the bed on either side of them.

They're then able to put their arms on top of their legs to keep them in place.


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The person giving then penetrates while on their knees.

In this position, the person receiving isn't able to move their legs a lot, and will only be able to masturbate and or rub the chest of the person on top.

For those trying it for the first time, the person giving has to be very careful not to hurt the receiver.

They should start slowly and gently, and listen to feedback. They should also be careful not to go too deep which can be easily done with this position.

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There are other sexual positions that are similar to the oyster.


This is comparable, but you don't have to bend your legs quite as far back.

Deep Impact

This isn't as intense as it sounds, and simply involves the person receiving laying back and resting their legs on the shoulder of the giver.

Launch Pad

Alternatively they can simply rest their feet against the person on top's chest.

Spread Legs

In this variation the receiver spreads their legs either side of the giver's hips.

Is it popular in the UK?

It's not known how partial Britons are to this position.

But it's likely to be a topic of conversation in households across the country after it was referenced in Love Island 2022.

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Luca Bish and Paige Thorne discussed their favourite positions in the series first episode.

Paige said she was a fan of the broken eagle, whilst Luca said his favourite was "something oyster" which may well be this position.

You can find out more about Brits' favourite sexual positions here.

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