What does the Three of Wands tarot card mean?

EXPANSION is the main idea behind the Three of Wands tarot card.

There are different meanings for the Three of Wands tarot card depending on how and where you draw the card during a reading.

What does the Three of Wands tarot card mean?

When drawn upright, the Three of Wands tarot card represents a time of expansion, foresight, and progress, according to Biddy Tarot.

Three of Wands tells you it is time for you to step into your highest potential. The card symbolizes that expansions are coming your way, in places such as travel, study, and career.

"To take advantage of this potential, you must stay committed to your path and be prepared to stretch beyond your comfort zone, knowing your best hopes lie outside of your current environment," states Biddy Tarot.

When drawn in reverse, Three of Wands represents the idea that one is choosing not to grow or expand, but to stay in their current comfort zone.

The reversed card suggests you may have hit an obstacle and decided to give up on whatever path it is you were taking, but wants you to know the obstacles are meant to be there to strengthen your character. Don't give up.

What does the Three of Wands tarot card look like?

The Three of Wands depicts a person standing with their back to the front of the card, with three wands planted in the ground around them.

There is a vast open space in the background, suggesting it is time to explore and expand, moving forward in life.

Other depictions of the card show the three wands among nature, representing the idea of freedom in exploration.

What are the Major Arcana cards in Tarot?

The Fool – Beginnings, innocence, spontaneity, a free spirit

The Magician – manifestation, resourcefulness, power

The High Priestess – intuition, sacred knowledge, divine feminine

The Empress – Femininity, beauty, nature

The Emperor – authority, establishment, structure

The Hierophant – spiritual wisdom

The Lovers – love, harmony, relationships

The Lovers – love, harmony, relationships

The Chariot – control, willpower, success

Justice – fairness, truth, law

Strength – strength, courage, influence

The Hermit – soul searching, inner guidance

Wheel of Fortune – good luck, karma, life cycles 

The Hanged Man – pause, surrender, letting go

Death – endings, change, transitions

Temperance – balance, moderation, patience

The Devil – shadow self, addiction, restriction

The Tower – sudden change, upheaval, chaos

The Star – hope, faith, purpose, spirituality

The Moon – illusion, fear, anxiety

The Sun – positivity, fun, warmth, success

Judgment – rebirth, inner calling

The World – completion, accomplishment, travel


What star sign does The Three of Wands tarot card represent?

The star sign represented by the Three of Wands tarot card is Aries.

Aries are known for their fiery nature and nonstop movement.

The Three of Wands is supported by Aries in the idea that to move forward is always something one should work towards.

According to TarotNotes, people born with an Aries sun sign are often known as courageous, self-confident, energetic, excitable, optimistic, open to new experiences, and willing to take risks.

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