Wedding guest mortified after she's told her dress is inappropriate for her friend’s big day… when she already wore it | The Sun

A WOMAN who was told her dress was inappropriate to wear to her friend's wedding was left mortified when she wore it anyway.

Gabby had taken to TikTok to ask for advice ahead of the nuptials, sharing a video of herself in the dress she wanted to wear.

The dress in question was white with green flowers, and she wrote over the top of the clip: "Is this dress too white for a wedding?

"I get so scared of being inappropriate and brought a spare in case."

People were quick to comment on the video, with many insisting the dress wasn't wedding appropriate – but Gabby didn't see the messages until after the big day.

"I wore the dress to the wedding and forgot about the TIkTok completely," she explained in another video.

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"And I woke up to so many comments saying my dress was inappropriate and disrespectful.

"And oh my God, it’s so bad. I feel so s**t about it, because it apparently had too much white on it.

"This is the dress – I just really wanted to match my partner’s jacket, and it was the only dress I had that matched and I bought it last minute.

"Please tell me it’s ok, please!"

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And lots of people in the comments on that video insisted that the dress was perfectly fine to wear to a wedding.

"More green than white. There is no chance this dress was actually a problem," one wrote.

As another added: "it is clearly not a wedding dress and you clearly didn't take the attention away from the bride so no problem."

"It’s fully floral?? Why would any bride be offended by this lol" a third insisted.

However, as always, there were those who disagreed, with one writing: "Darling, a white dress with a pattern is still white."

"If the basic rule is to not wear white, then I would simply not have a dress with white in it," another added.

"I’m gonna be honest I would’ve been mad," someone else said.

"Every bride is different so like why not ask her?"

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