We Mustache You a Question: Are These Celebs Hotter With or Without Their 'Staches?

Do you prefer a Baby-faced Justin Bieber?

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Or do you belieb in his mustache?

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Is Ashton Kutcher hotter when he’s clean-shaven?

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Or are you a fan of his dad mustache?

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Are you more into The Weeknd’s usual look?

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Or is he cuter when he’s just got a mustache?

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Do you think Chris Evans looks dreamier with a beard?

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Or just the ‘stache?

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Do you like a clean-faced Burt Reynolds?

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Or do you prefer his signature mustache?

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Do you think Bruno Mars looks like “24K Magic” with a fresh face?

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Or do you see him with a mustache and scream, “That’s what I like!?” 

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Is Milo Ventimiglia the hottest dad on television when he’s got no facial hair?

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Or when that ’70s mustache is in full effect?

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Is Henry Cavill hunkier when there’s nothing to distract from his epic jawline? 

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Or does his mustache really do somethin’ to ya? 

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Is baby-faced Donald Glover your type? 

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Or would you rather wake up to that mustache every morning? 

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Is the ageless Paul Rudd the man of your dreams when he’s got a naked face? 

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Or when he’s rockin’ that mustache? 

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Do you think Brad Pitt should always keep his goatee?

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Or really lean into having a mustache? 

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Oscar Isaac is hunky AF with just a little stubble …

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… but does his mustache add a lil’ something? 

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Do you think Mark Ruffalo is a hunky Hulk with a 5 o’clock shadow …

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… or is the ‘stache more your style? 

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Chris Hemsworth is a fan of a full beard …

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But do you think he’s cuter with a hairy upper lip? 

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We know he prefers his drinks shaken, not stirred, but do you prefer Daniel Craig’s face fresh n’ clean …

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… or with a mustache?

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