We ditched our flat to live on a boat, it’s saved us £1k a month – and luckily there’s a loo in the harbour

TIRED of paying extortionate rent prices, this couple decided to leave the land behind a buy a boat.

When they started their journey Dottie Turnbull and Tristan Van, who are both in their early twenties, didn't know a thing about boating.

The pair were fed up of spending £1,750 of their hard earned cash on rent and bills for their one bed cottage every month.

Buying their canal boat in September 2021, it's been a wild 6 months for the duo.

They left their cottage and and family in Hertfordshire behind, and relocated to Cambridgeshire with no regrets.

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"We moved for the lifestyle; the biggest benefit is the community. We have found people are so friendly and will do anything to help."

The move has also meant that they've cut their cost of living way down, now only spending £568.23 a month.

That includes their utilities bills plus the £400 they pay each month to park their new home in the marina.

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"Water is free which is great. Our electric and gas bill works out to be less than £8.50 per month." Dottie shared.

They saved up £30k to make the purchase for a long time, Dottie said: "I have worked since 14 and Tristan has been barbering since 16 so we both had savings."

Not splashing the cash on designer clothes and choosing nights in and the pub over pricey bars and clubs meant that they were able to buy their dream boat.

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Documenting their new life on TikTok and Instagram, they've gotten into the swing of things.

Even though she is scared of water, it's been Dottie's childhood dream to live on a canal boat.

The couple have no plans to leave anytime soon, despite their long commute to work.

"In the summer when the sun is shining, It’s so lovely waking up on the boat and looking out the window to see the swans." She said.

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