We bought a vending machine as a side hustle to bring in some extra cash & were amazed at how well it did & it’s so easy | The Sun

THE COST-OF-LIVING crisis has forced many to find ways to make some extra cash on the side parallel to their 9-5.

Though some, like Daisy Woods, a busy mum-of-two from Bristol, stick to content creating or rent out their used clothes, a growing number of people have realised the great potential in purchasing a vending machine.

Amongst those is TikTok user Jade (@jadedavis0802), who shared the reality of opening and operating a vending machine.

In a video, which has since gone viral, Jade claimed that she and her fiancé purchased the vending machine for just over £215 ($250).

Although typically, as stated by Businesssnes, used and refurbished vending machines typically go for anywhere between £1,000 to over £2,500, the couple got lucky, as it was sold by Jade's fiancé's colleague.

From there, the two went to Sam’s Club – a retail store similar to Costco – and stocked up on goods to fill the machine.

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Combining the cost of the vending machine and the £270 bil of the goodies, Jade's overall investment in the project came to just over £525.

The couple then placed the products inside and returned a few weeks later to see how much they had made – after almost a month, the total gross revenue was over £130.

Given the couple hasn't disclosed exact details about how many of each item has sold so far, it's difficult to determine the profit.

However, Jade noted that seeing which products sold and which were less popular will allow the two to better tailor the vending machine to customer demand.

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From there, the couple seemed confident that the machine will eventually reach profitability, bringing in easy cash.

TikTok users supported the couple’s endeavour, with many saying they were inspired to get in on the business themselves.

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“Ive been wanting to do one of these so bad but with like non conventional items,” wrote a viewer.

Another chuckled: “I might put one on my front porch for all the amazon and FedEx guys.''

A third penned: ''My dad did this after he retired! He has about 10.

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''Loves it, works little and loves visting with the biz owners! Congrats!!!”

Some also took to comments to share tips for extra profit, with one suggesting: “Next step is to get an llc and a business license so you can buy snacks wholesale.''

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