Viral brainteaser asks you to spot the real dogs hidden – only the smartest won’t be fooled by the optical illusion | The Sun

PET owners know how much animals love to hide.

One pair of pups took it to the extreme, in an optical illusion that went viral – can you spot the real dogs hiding among the dolls in these clips?

Kakoa and Sky are husky siblings who have a massive following on TikTok. Their human parents run the account, The Husky Fam, which has over 302k followers.

Two recent clips show Kakoa and Sky at a jam-packed party, full of doggy doppelgangers and life-size inflatables.

But it's hard to see the real dogs hiding in the crowd, as TikTok viewers discovered.

The first to go undercover was Kakoa, who sat completely still in a room full of dog mannequins.


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If you have trouble seeing Kakoa in the picture above, try looking for her piercing stare and pointy ears.

Another hint? She's the only dog not wearing a hat.

Once you've found her, scroll down to check your work.

Once you've spotted Kakoa, you can move on to the real challenge: finding her sibling Sky, who stands stock-still in a crowd.

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The family set up a similar party scene for Sky, with wall-to-wall dog models concealing the pup like camouflage.

This time, it's even trickier – none of the dogs are wearing hats.

Remember that Sky is a husky, so you can disregard the other breeds of dogs you see in the room.

Only Sky's ears and eyes are visible, so don't waste time trying to spot her snout or body.

If you need another hint, try focusing on the plant in the back corner. Sky is near that part of the room.

Once you're ready to give up, scroll for the answer. She's circled in red down below.

Commenters were astounded by the dogs' hiding skills and complimented their patience and posture.

"The real question is how did you get your dog to stand still in all of that," one viewer wrote.

"I had to watch like three times," another commented.

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Some said they had to watch the video on repeat for a few minutes to find the dogs, and a few tried to downplay just how tough the challenge was.

"Yes, she's in the back," one commenter joked, "next to the dog."

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