Valette Studio Men’s Spring 2022

Pierre-François Valette showed he has an earthy, romantic side for spring. Drawing on his signature tailoring — which is precise and detailed — he offered a breezy lineup using summery fabrics for airy blouses and crisp tunics, as well as chunky knit tank tops.

North Africa was the inspiration, which was felt in the subtle patterns, delineated in black, that were pressed onto white cotton; the colorful, knit lining used to embellish tunics — and the handmade, pom-pom-like decorations made in luxury workshops in France’s Ardèche region.

It was a gender-neutral lineup — his high-waisted trousers suit women, too, the brand realized. Craftsmanship was on full display with hand-crocheted vests, hats, scarves and vests adding a rich, textured feel to the lineup, contrasting nicely with the tailored pieces.

Valette Studio Men's Spring 2022

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Models were shown on a beach, where the muted colors of the clothing melded into their environment. Driving that point home, the video showed his signature, hand-drawn portrait of a man — also seen last season — floating on the sea, the pastel paint colors swirling into the muddy water.

Lightly tanned leather was used for mini tote bags, made by hand; the same leather was used for finishing touches on clothing.

“I wanted to cut away from the streets with a real summer collection, something tender,” explained Valette. He added that it was highly personal, too, as he  was also thinking about his mother’s experience as a Pied-Noir — hence the North African flavor. The collection felt delicate and surprising — Valette’s elevated take on natural makes for a handsome contribution to the earthy trend sweeping fashion.

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