Unfortunate shopping bag makes a woman look half naked… and people can't stop laughing

But thanks to an awkward optical illusion, that's exactly what one poor woman appears to have done.

In a snap shared on viral Twitter page You Had One Job, the woman can be seen standing on a pavement and checking her phone.

It's all very innocent, but unfortunately, the paper bag she's slung over her arm makes it look rather more X-rated.

The bag – which appears to be from a lingerie store – features an image of a woman's bottom half clad in a thong and stockings.

At first glance, the position of this print makes the unwitting shopper look half-naked. Oh dear.

Unsurprisingly, the post has caused quite a bit of hilarity over on Twitter.

It's now racked up over 150 re-tweets and 740 likes.

One person commented: "If I was offered a shopping bag which looked like that I would ask for something else!"

To be honest, we have to agree.

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