Trussardi RTW Spring 2021

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The Diamond Dog club in Naples probably wouldn’t ring a bell for anyone born outside of Italy. Yet along with other hotbeds of the country’s counterculture in the late Eighties and early Nineties, the club represented an enclave for punks protesting against the Establishment.

Designers Fiona Sinha and Aleksandar Stanic, who were tapped by Trussardi for the fourth installment of its Archive+Now project, looked at that period and its music for inspiration.

“It was a very informative time for us as designers growing up in that period. It’s been an inspiring decade in terms of creativity and how people dressed,” Stanic explained over the phone from London, where both designers are based.

Trussardi RTW Spring 2021

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Unable to come to Italy and look through the brand’s archives, the design duo started stockpiling old brand pieces during lockdown, purchasing them from vintage dealers and collectors, and reissued them for this coed lineup of uncomplicated pieces.

A post-punk, goth-tinged mood ran through the collection via black vinyl trenchcoats and floor-length shirtdresses crafted from supple leather — a brand signature — while black petticoats and see-through shirts splashed with motifs of Roman antique architecture decidedly spoke Nineties minimalism.

Although nightclubs might not be reopening just yet, modern-day club kids have plenty of options here to hit the streets in their “new wave” outfits.

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