Tracy Anderson on the makeup, books — and yes, even wine — she swears by

Swimsuit season is nigh, but never fear: Tracy Anderson is here to make you sweat. The celebrity fitness pioneer and creator of the “Tracy Anderson Method” — whose devotees include Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, as well as acolytes in 50 countries — is back in the Hamptons with several new offerings. Her airy Water Mill and East Hampton studios will unveil an intermediate “FundamenTAl” class, while those who prefer to feel the burn at home can try the online “PER4MANCE Program,” designed to balance body, mind and soul. On June 8, Anderson will co-host the annual School’s Out benefit in the Hamptons, which supports the Hetrick-Martin Institute and LGBTQ youth. Here, Anderson shares the pieces that keep her moving.

“While I am a regular Goop shopper, Gwyneth actually sent me this sweater for my birthday this year. Of course, she has the best taste, and it’s proven in the fact that I wear this sweater at least twice every week. With jeans or sweats or a pencil skirt, it knows no boundaries, and I love it!”

“Sometimes I even stream myself. When I’m not teaching or traveling, I still need to get my workouts in. And believe it or not, my head doesn’t always want to create. I love to stream along with all of the other incredible champions around the world. Feeling plugged in to people showing up in 50 countries is such a great feeling.”

“I find this book a must-read. People have lost their character in many ways in our overwhelming society, and this book is such a breath of simple fresh air. It’s a vital reminder of what is right.”

“This is one of those revolutionary beauty breakthrough products that over-delivers big time. I literally can’t stand my skin without it. I feel like an actual baby at 44. Nothing will ever make your skin softer than this genius scrub.”

“This company gives back and does good, while being functional and stylish. They have amazing layering pieces. I stuff this jacket as a layer in my mini backpack to ski.”

“I am a sucker for quick and effective beauty. I recently discovered these and I am totally obsessed. I can now do my makeup in two minutes flat!”

“I drink, but I only drink wine. This pinot noir is always stocked at my house. It’s priced super friendly for the taste and never a headache. It’s kind of like when you say to someone that you love their outfit, and they say they got it at Zara.”

“Does this really need a sentence? It’s Victoria Beckham making us look incredible while we work out, with a brand so classic it’s owned ‘forever cool’ status.”

“Dr. Habib Sadeghi and his wife, Dr. Sherry Sami, have both helped me grow and heal in my life and my children’s. As patients of the incredible Be Hive of Healing, and as friends, we are completely behind their global love mission. We have love buttons at our home by the tons.”

“My favorite lip color is from Charlotte Tilbury, who makes the pout-perfect lip.”
“Pillow Talk,

“I never take this necklace off, and I get stopped every day asking where it’s from. This incredible piece gives back to the children of India, while it makes me feel like a lioness. It makes me feel decorated with strength and goodness while actually helping others.”

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