Towie's Georgia Kousoulou raves about 'amazing' £5 product for teething baby Brody

TEETHING can be a painful time for babies (and worried parents) but there are some ways to take your child's discomfort away.

Now first-time mum Georgia Kousoulou, of Towie fame, has revealed her £5 saviour for baby Brody, seven months.

Georgia, 30, and partner Tommy Mallet, 29, welcomed their little lad in May and she's been candid about her journey into motherhood on social media.

And she's been raving about a teething gel by Ashton & Parsons, which you can buy for £4.99 on Amazon.

Posting on Instagram, she gushed: "I’ve been on the hunt for something to soothe the symptoms of Brody’s teething pain.

"For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been using the @ashtonandparsons Teething Gel on him, and I am so happy I’ve discovered it!

"The gel is so simple to apply, thanks to its specially designed soft brush applicator for precision application and to help massage his sore gums.

"It’s also easily portable – I am always throwing it in my bag so it’s on hand for whenever his teething pain strike again!"

The product has a soft brush applicator, which has been specifically made to enable easy application.

For maximum pain relief, it should be applied after mealtimes and before bedtime.

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It's not just Georgia gushing about the product, which is a #1 bestseller on Amazon – with over 8,000 5-star reviews.

Other parents have gushed: "Great gel gum soother" and "There really work!"

One mum said: "I've been giving these my daughter since she was a few weeks old.

"She loves the taste of them and I can see the relief on her face when I rub these on her gums.

"She immediately goes from being hysterical (and probably in lots of pain), to calm and relieved in no time at all – they seem to work instantly."

But the NHS urges parents to try teething rings before gels, insisting: "There's a lack of evidence they are effective."

The advice continues: "If you do decide to use a gel, make sure you use a teething gel that's specially designed for young children.

"General oral pain relief gels are not suitable for children."

Babies and teething: the facts

When it comes to teething, all babies are different. But your baby will probably get their first tooth some time during their first year.

Some babies are born with their first teeth. Others start teething before they are 4 months old, and some after 12 months. But most babies start teething at around 6 months.

Baby teeth sometimes emerge with no pain or discomfort at all.

At other times, you may notice:

  • their gum is sore and red where the tooth is coming through
  • they have a mild temperature of 38C
  • they have 1 flushed cheek
  • they have a rash on their face
  • they're rubbing their ear
  • they're dribbling more than usual
  • they're gnawing and chewing on things a lot
  • they're more fretful than usual
  • they're not sleeping very well

Source: NHS

Georgia previously admitted she was "driving herself mad and getting upset" trying to be a "perfect" mum to Brody.

Meanwhile, she slammed new mums who snap back to their pre-baby bodies as she showed off her stomach after giving birth.

And she and Tommy showed off Brody's amazing nursery.

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