Thrifty mum reveals how she renovated her entire home for nearly NOTHING by bagging freebies – The Sun

A THRIFTY mum has saved thousands on renovations to her former council house – by bagging freebies online.

Rebecca Compton, 27, uses websites like Freegle, Freecycle, Freelywheely and Facebook Marketplace to update her home – with brand new carpets, wallpaper and home décor.

I finally repainted the grey wall yesterday (I was being lazy when I painted the ceiling and didn't use masking tape). Every time I walk from our hall, up the stairs and to the landing, I think ,"wow, I did that" and I did it for free!. I really can't rate websites like #Freegle, #Freecycle & #Freelywheely enough. If it weren't for them I'd still have green walls (some of which never got finished painting, ooops) and dark brown carpet with a massive hole – thanks to our plucking cat.I'm still in disbelief I got all this paint and brand-new carpet off cuts for free!. Thanks for helping me make my house a home. #grateful #avoidlandfill #pimpupmypad

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The mum-of-two rents her home in Walsall, Birmingham, but says her landlord is "really understanding" about her desire to update the property.

Rebecca told the Mirror: "At the time of moving in, I got a few bits from friends and family, we bought a new bed and sofa – but we had no actual flooring.

"On our shoe-string budget, we had to think outside of the box."

Rebecca was already pregnant when she moved in with her partner five years ago and is now a full-time mum to two boys.

2 years ago I transformed my council house kitchen with just £25!. I made 2 YouTube videos on this, one for doors and drawers, and one for work surfaces. They have been my most popular videos! Watch now to find out what products I used. Link is in my bio.#budgetkitchen #budgetlife #savvy #savvymum #councilhouse #diy #fablon #kitchen #myhomesense #reno #beccboo #YouTuber #smallyoutuber #ukyoutuber #youtubermum #subscribe#followme #linkinbio

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Bubba has claimed the throne! 😆. I absolutely love this space in my living room! My bargain £25 chair from #facebookmarketplace, and my £3.50 Mantle makeover (video available via link in bio) really made a huge difference!#ragdollsofinstagram #ragdollcat #7yearsold #chocolatepointragdoll #pedigree #mycat #familypet #cute #fluffy

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She added: "Once you sign up to the freebie websites, they’ll start sending you alerts every morning. Go on there each day to see what’s been listed – everything is free."

If you're after something specific, Rebecca recommends putting a request on the sites, as others are often keen to get rid of bulky items like wardrobes.

Saving money isn't the only benefit, it's greener to pick up unwanted furniture second-hand too.

Rebecca believes you can get absolutely everything you need for free, as long as you're prepared to wait.

In tomorrows a video I will be revealing how I pulled off this transformation for just £3.50!! @mrkate and @hermionechantal would be proud. Video is ready to watch on my YouTube channel now.Follow the link in bio to checkout my channel 🙂 @thisisfreegle #upcycle #reuse#Freecycle #pimpupmypad

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Throw back to this wardrobe. She was one of my first freebies almost 3 years ago now. A kind friend and her partner picked it up for me in their pick up truck. I gave her a mini makeover by stapling an old duvet to her. Swipe to see the before.

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She recommends using samples from hardware shops like B&Q for upcycling tables, beds and even her mantlepiece – which she also got for free.

Thrifty Rebecca transformed her son's bedroom into a superhero paradise for just £60 and her bathroom for £50 (with £40 of that being spent on flooring).

She also transformed her kitchen worktops and cupboards for just £25, and taught herself how to change carpets after bagging yet another freebie – saving £200 on the fitting alone.


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