This is why you should NEVER ditch the hairdryer nozzle… and four other styling mistakes we are all making

Award-winning stylist Anthony Nader, who owns Sydney's trendy salon RAW, has revealed the five mistakes we all make when drying our locks.

1. Get your shine on

His secret to shiny locks isn't piling on the products, it's using that nozzle loads of us throw away.

Anthony told Daily Mail Australia: "Attaching a nozzle to the end of your hairdryer is one of the best things you can do for your blow dry.

"It targets the surface of he hair, so your strands look more polished and appear smooth and shiny."

2. Can't stand the heat?

If you're in a rush after a hair wash, it can be tempting to start drying your locks straight away.

But Anthony says you shouldn't dry your hair straight after a shower, and doing so is actually slowing you down.

"One of the biggest mistakes I see is people blow drying and brushing their hair without shaking out the excess moisture," he said.

Anthony advises aiming to squeeze at least 80 per cent of the moisture out of locks hair before getting the dryer out, to protect your hair and reduce the drying time.

Hairdrying mistakes we all make

3. Say it don't spray it

When it comes to products, less is often more.

He recommends using a simple volumising spray for an "extra kick" – and always spraying heat protection for your cuticles.

4. En masse attack

If you normally dry your entire head of hair all at once, it's time to break away from this technique.

"A section by section approach is what you need for faster blow drying," said Anthony.

"Take horizontal sections across your scalp (approximately three to four sections in total), and start at the back as this is the most difficult area and the one that is most likely to make your arms tired."

Finish by drying the hairs framing your face, because you can see these most clearly.

5. Time to cool off

You shouldn't ever use the hottest setting on your hairdryer, Anthony warns.

He said: "All of that excess heat just frazzles your poor thirsty strands, making them just snap off."

And bear in mind that, the more you dry your hair, the more "hydrated and brittle" it will become.

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