There's something creepy about the picture on this children's toy… can YOU spot it?

Just wait until you see the packaging on this particular item – which shoppers have labelled "scary".

A picture of the toy was posted on Twitter page You Had One Job.

It's a "Flower Mirror", a pink plastic mirror that youngsters can use to play around with their hair and make-up.

On the front of the box, there's a photo of a little girl smiling into the camera as she holds up a lipstick.

The mirror is behind her… but there's something very wrong with the reflection.

In reality, we should only be able to see the side of the girl's head.

But bizarrely, someone has decided to copy and paste her face into the glass – creating a very creepy effect.

In the post's replies, the image has been labelled "scary" and "very Poltergeist 3".

Hmm. Might bring the mood down on Christmas morning, that.

Meanwhile, there's an awkward mistake in the Harry Potter quote on this Primark light box… so can YOU spot it?

Pret a Manger's job advert featured a similar error.

And B&M made a huge blunder when they named this £29.99 mirror… can you see why?

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