The Queen 'gave Meghan a telling off when she ranted at caterer preparing a special vegan wedding menu', insider claims | The Sun

THE Queen is said to have given Meghan Markle a telling-off after she ranted to a caterer about her vegan wedding menu, a new book has claimed.

Her Majesty, who was laid to rest on Monday, is said to have walked in on the Duchess of Sussex during the "tense exchange" ahead of her wedding to Harry in 2018.

Meghan was said to be tasting some of the dishes for her big day at Windsor Castle when she became "quite upset" over one of the vegan options.

A source told journalist Katie Nicholl the duchess said she could taste egg in it – sparking a "tense" exchange with one of the caterers.

Writing in her book, The New Royals, Katie quotes the insider as saying: "Meghan was at the castle to taste some of the dishes, and told one of the caterers she could taste egg.

"She got quite upset, saying that the dish was meant to be vegan and macrobiotic, when suddenly the Queen walked in and said: 'Meghan, in this family we don't speak to people like that.'"

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Katie's book, featured in the Mail on Sunday today, details a number of explosive moments alleged to have taken place in the build up to the Sussexes' wedding.

And it claims Meghan is not the only one to have been scolded by the late monarch.

The Queen is alleged to have given Harry a stern telling-off after he supposedly shouted "What Meghan wants, Meghan gets!" at the Queen's dresser Angela Kelly.

Katie Nicholl quotes the late Lady Elizabeth Anson as saying: "The run-up to the wedding was really very difficult for the Queen.

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"She was very upset by how Harry had behaved and some of his demands and the way he went about things his own way.

"I remember her being rather upset by how beastly Harry was being.

"Their relationship was quite badly damaged by it all."

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Katie quotes another source as saying the Queen was "surprised" Meghan wore white on her wedding day.

She also references other rumours which unfolded around the big day – including Meghan and Kate's row over Princess Charlotte's tights and a supposed tiff over the duchess' Tiara.

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