The Greatest Dancer judge Matthew Morrison chats cools dads, co-star Cheryl and Love Island

OK, Matt, be honest: can anyone learn to dance?

Yes, I honestly believe that. I say that because I look at babies, I look at my son [Revel, 14 months] and he’s just dancing. It’s innate in us. You watch children and see how free they are. As we get older we start limiting ourselves and putting up roadblocks.

You’re a dance captain on new BBC1 show The Greatest Dancer. How’s it going?

This is not the type of show I would have wanted to do in the past because I don’t think art should be judged.

But I think my role is to give constructive criticism, to give them the tools to grow and excel in their craft.

It’s not a malicious show at all – I wouldn’t do it if it was.

Cheryl and Oti Mabuse are your fellow captains. How have you found working with them?

Awesome! And I really connected with Cheryl on a parenting level. We had kids around the same time [Cheryl’s son Bear is 20 months].

Did you swap parenting tips?

We did, yeah. She reminded me a lot of my wife [actress Renee Morrison, 34]. She has so much self-confidence, and her position in life and role as a human have been completely transformed. I think she’s really smart.

And how’s Oti?

People will know Oti from Strictly Come Dancing – now they’re going to see her not just as a dancer, but as a personality. Oh my gosh! She’s so funny and full of energy. I’m sitting right between these two powerhouse women and I love it.


  • Matthew taught us some seriously good dance moves.
  • He’s creating an immersive Museum of Dance in New York City.
  • He supports Arsenal and went to a match the night before our shoot.

What’s your opinion on reality shows that involve no discernible talent, such as Love Island or Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

They have a talent for making fun of themselves. All that stuff is scripted, it’s all set up. Some people connect with some of the situations that happen with the Kardashians, I guess, but I don’t.

I watched Love Island because my nanny was watching it and you get sucked in.

I was like: “What is this bullsh*t? It’s so stupid!” And then you learn their name.

You starred in every episode of Glee from 2009-15. Why do you think it was such a success?

We were telling stories that needed to be told. Bullying, teenage pregnancy and what it’s like to be gay in high school. I think it opened up a lot of conversations. When I first did it, I thought: “Nobody’s going to watch a show about a bunch of kids singing and dancing.” Then all of a sudden, we were on The Oprah Winfrey Show and singing for the Obamas. It was a mad house.

Revel turned one in October. How’s fatherhood changed you?

I feel like my heart is outside of my body. It’s the most glorious thing I’ve ever done. I’m so proud to be a father in this age we’re in right now. I’ve started a company called Sherpapa after deciding to create a changing bag.

There was nothing out there for men. You don’t have to be a dork because you’re a dad. I can still be a cool father.

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