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IF you're looking for guaranteed fireworks in the bedroom, you could finally have your answer.

That's because top scientists have unveiled the four X-rated sex techniques which are said to drive women wild in between the sheets- as well as how to perfect them.

The sex study, published in prestigious science journal Plos One, surveyed more than 3,000 women worldwide to find out what was a guaranteed turn on for them.

And the results could be revolutionary when it comes to female pleasure – and even help to close the orgasm gap. 

Coming out on top, a whopping 87.5 per cent of those asked said the secret to mindblowing sex and orgasms was Angling – a technique which involves the woman rotating, raising or lowering her pelvis during sex.

Not too far behind in second place was another position – this time Shallowing – as 84 per cent of women claimed they preferred sex to be not too deep. 

And the research found women really do prefer being on top. Over three quarters (76 per cent) said being in control of the rocking motion was far more pleasurable than the jackhammer technique.

And when it comes to hitting the spot, women revealed they often like a helping hand. 

Nearly 70 per cent of women like adding a sex toy for extra stimulation during sex, a technique scientists gave the name Pairing. 

Researcher Dr Christiana von Hippel said: “We asked thousands of women what they do to experience more pleasure from sex and found there are four techniques that work for most women.

“We gave them descriptive names and created tasteful diagrams, animations and videos of women of all ages explaining their own experiences.

“We hope bringing this important knowledge out of the shadows into the light of day with clear language will empower women to better recognise, communicate and act on what they want.”

The research, which was conducted by the Indiana University School of Medicine, says it is the first time the techniques have been described in medical literature.

Sex expert Georgie’s verdict

"ANGLING, pairing, rocking and shallowing? Not going to lie, I thought these were terms used for fishing when I first heard them. But they do make sense when you delve a little deeper. While the names may be new to me, most of the methods aren’t. Like most women, I’ll often tilt my pelvic in nooky to make it more enjoyable and will often add a sex toy to spice things up – or just if I’m feeling lazy. 

And who knew hours of endless thrusting wasn’t that enjoyable? When I was younger – and I didn’t have the heart to tell them – this was most of my lovers’ go-to recipe when it came to sex and they’d often be stumped when it didn’t get results. Boys – a bit of thrusting is fine – but don’t expect fireworks with this form alone. 

While I can understand the science behind most of the techniques, I do feel like a fish out of water when it comes to Shallowing. Personally, I prefer a little depth to my lovemaking but this research shows less is more for some women. 

But one thing is for sure, this research could benefit generations to come and should be shown in secondary schools as sex education needs a serious upgrade.

We can’t expect men to know what to do in bed but thanks to boffins we finally have some names – albeit odd ones – to explain what we’ve been thinking all along – and that’s something to shout about.”

Dr Devon Hensel, a professor at the university who led the research, says: “For the first time, we have detailed scientific data to understand the different ways that women experience more pleasure with vaginal penetration.

“This information can help us build a vocabulary to describe female pleasure that currently doesn't exist.”

Researcher Dr Christiana von Hippel added: “When something doesn’t even have a name, it’s made literally unspeakable.

“Until now, there haven’t been words for the specific ways women improve their pleasure.

“By giving these prevalent techniques names and showing how they can be effective, we hope women will be empowered to explore what they like and advocate for what they want, in and outside of the bedroom.”

Here, we bring you the X-rated female sex techniques guaranteed to help you come together and result in a orgasm to remember.


The name might not mean much to you – but the technique will probably be more familiar.

In layman terms, as it were, Angling basically means lifting and rotating the pelvis during sex.

This popular technique can lead to better and more intense orgasms and can also make it easier for the penetrator to hit the spot time and time again. 

What’s more, during climax there’s a surge in blood flow to your muscles, triggering muscular contractions. So the greater the pelvic floor muscles, the greater the contractions – and orgasm. 

The most popular – and comfortable way – to lift your pelvic during sex is by popping a pillow under your hips or stomach (depending on the position) to support you. This humble sex toy will make everything feel easier and better. 


It probably won't be a big surprise to anybody that not all women are big fans of harsh thrusting.

And that's because 75 per cent of women do not orgasm through penetrative sex alone. 

Instead, the research showed it’s actually all in the hips, as women prefer rocking back and forth on top instead, controlling the speed and pressure themselves.

What’s more, women said their chance of orgasming was higher in this position as their lady parts are more stimulated in this movement. 

For the position to work the woman needs to be on top – either facing away in the cowgirl position, or facing her partner in the traditional pose. 


Contrary to another popular term, this doesn’t involve putting your phone in Bluetooth pairing mode.

Instead, this position involves adding a sex toy or a helping hand to your session to create a more mind-blowing orgasm.

As women struggle to climax from penetrative sex alone it can be a great way to enchance your chances of climax and add a bit of a buzz between the sheets. 

The best sex positions to incorporate this type of foreplay into at the same time are spooning (with your partner behind you so they can reach you) and trusty doggy style – where the woman will be able to pleasure herself at the same time.

Or simply pop a vibrating ring on your partner’s tackle and get on top.

And the best news is that you don’t have to burst the bank buying one. You can pick one up for as little as £10 at your local supermarket or save the blushes and buy one discreetly online from a number of retailers.

Check out LoveHoney’s sex toy range.


As the name suggests, Shallowing involves not going too deep during sex.

According to the research, women are not a fan and it can inhibit their pleasure, rather than enhance it.

This could be because it can be painful or uncomfortable for some women – especially if your partner is well endowed. 

So instead, if you want to control the angle, try the ‘hot seat’ sex position.

Ask your lover to sit on a chair or the edge of the bed, and then face away from them at the same time as sitting between their legs, so your back is against his chest.

This puts the woman firmly in the driving seat and means they can control the angle, pace and depth of penetration by arching themselves up and lifting up and down. 

'Pairing sounds socksy'

SO how much do the great British public know about the new terms. We took to the streets to find out . . . 

WILLIAM MARTIN, a 28-year-old greengrocer from Farnham, Surrey, said:

Shallowing: “No, what is it?”

Pairing: “Two on one?”

Rocking: “Basically if you’re lazy and you don’t want to move?”

Angling: “Oh I know that one! Rotating around. I get that. Would I try this with a girl? Definitely. I’ll try anything once.”

PIPPA CHALK, 32, a shift worker from Bristol, said:

Angling: “Flirting? Or maybe fishing for someone.”

Rocking: “Sounds like rocking back and forth together.”

Shallowing: “Oh OK, that means just the top?”

Pairing: “It’s to do with threesomes?” Sex toys? I’ve been using them for ten years. You start off small and go from there.”

EVAN HARGREAVES, 20, a chef from ­Chelsea, West London, said:

Shallowing: “Haven’t a clue. When they can’t take it all so you just give them a little bit?”

Rocking: “Is it like on a chair? Oh Jesus, I don’t know that. I haven’t got a clue.”

Pairing: “Two couples together? Every day is a school day. Maybe I’ll use them some day.”

JOE KEEBLE, a 20-year old, student from Oxford, said:

Angling: “That sounds like something to do with fishing, maybe like an angler. I really have no idea.

Rocking: “Maybe it involves a rocking chair?”

Shallowing: “That’s just the top – simple.”

Pairing: “Is it two boys two girls? Maybe twins? Or wearing the right colour socks?”

NACAISHA, 31, is a hairdresser from West London. She said:

Shallowing: “So… I don’t know – sticking the tip in? Oh I’m right!”

Pairing: “I have no idea. Oh, okay. I’ve never heard it called that before.”

Rocking: “Is that like dry humping?”

Angling, “I’m rubbish at this: I don’t know anything! Is that when you put your leg up?”

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DAVID ANTON, a 27-year-old restaurant boss, said:

“Shallowing? Is that, like, in the shower?”

“Pairing? I don’t know. Two people? Oh ok. I know what that is, but I had no idea it was called that.”

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“Rocking? Something like rocking back and forth? Oh..I think it should be called that.”

“Angling? I have no idea. My English doesn’t go that far.”

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