The best and worst alcoholic drinks revealed if you want to protect your skin and avoid breakouts this Christmas

But do you know what your favourite festive tipple is doing to your skin?

Alcohol causes inflammation, premature ageing and dehydration, while the sugar in drinks can bring on breakouts.

The results can be lasting, as boozing reduces skin elasticity, which can lead to wrinkles and sagging.

The good news is there are some skin-friendly drinks you can sink at Christmas.

Nutritionist Kim Pearson ranks them one to ten, with one being the best.

1. Champers

Low in sugar and typically served in smaller quantities than other wines.

If you drink plenty of water and eat before the fun starts, there is no need to say no to that glass of champagne. Cheers!

2. White wine

A small glass of dry white has minimal sugar and a relatively moderate amount of alcohol.

Quantity is key, so alternate your wine with water. This will also help to avoid dehydration, which makes skin look worse the next day.

3. Gin

While it is high in alcohol, we rarely drink gin neat, so combined with the right mixer, it is one of your better choices.

Gin is made with juniper berries which are rich in antioxidants. Choose a light or slimline tonic – it’s mostly water anyway.

4. Beer

In small amounts, beer doesn’t have to spell skin disaster. But don’t quadruple your intake just because the alcohol and sugar levels are lower.

Beer can vary significantly in strength so check the percentage of yours.

5. Hot toddy

While the whisky in this isn’t skin-friendly, there are health benefits to be found in the lemon and spices. The more hot water you add, the better.

Make sure you go easy on the honey to moderate your sugar intake.

6. Mulled wine

A little better than mulled cider since the wine has four or five times less sugar than cider.

If you make it yourself at home you can use the natural sweetener xylitol as an alternative to sugar, making it a much better option.

7. Mulled cider

Mulled drinks, while smelling and tasting festive, are very high in sugar. Basically, adding sugar and alcohol into naturally sweet cider isn’t ideal.

Start the night with one small mug, then switch to something with less sugar.

8. Spiced rum and coke

Mixed drinks can be a good option if they are not too strong and the mixer is soda water or another low-sugar option.

But mixing strong, sweet spiced rum with high-sugar cola is a recipe for skin problems.

9. Eggnog

The concoction of dairy, alcohol and sugar is one to be avoided this festive season.

The only saving grace is if you’re making it at home you can set the levels yourself. Or experiment with dairy and sugar alternatives.

10. Baileys

The dairy-based liqueur is high in sugar and contains refined vegetable oil – couple this with high alcohol content and it’s the worst offender for complexions.

Avoid if you want to look your best.

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