Take our quiz to find out what the future has in store – and whether you’re REALLY with The One…or heading for the rocks

WITH the economy on the rocks, future plans under threat and our health a constant cause for concern in a pandemic-hit world, many of us are more anxious than ever before.

But instead of looking for financial advisers or professional life-coaches, some people are turning instead to psychics for mystical insights.

Google searches for psychic readings have soared by 250 per cent during lockdown.

A poll by the publication Psychic World found 80 per cent of people searching for psychics want a glimpse of their future.

Also, 74 per cent want love advice, while 67 per cent of enquiries are about their job prospects.

But before you fork out for advice from the spirit realm, try this quiz – from Jenny Francis and tarot queen Kerry King, who has more than 25 years of experience peering beyond the veil . . . 

The vital questions

1. RIGHT now, which statement BEST reflects where you feel you are at?

A) Reviewing your progress and looking back at the story so far.
B) Feeling settled and content with your current situation.
C) Wondering what might be next and feeling hopeful for new opportunities.
D) Experiencing a sense of frustration but not sure what needs to change, or how.
E) Knowing you are keen to move on and make important life decisions.

2. When you daydream, your train of thought drifts MOSTLY towards . . . 

A) Happy memories from your past.
B) Chores and to-do lists.
C) Things you are dreading or are worried about.
D) Things you are excited about.
E) Decisions you know you need to make.

3. Is your current work and pay situation a source of . . . 

A) Strain and regret, it feels like you have gone astray somehow.
B) Anxiety, because you need and want to stay where you are.
C) Satisfaction, because you are doing OK.
D) Excitement, because you can see a pathway ahead.
E) Concern, because you feel you are not where you are meant to be.

4. What MOST attracts you to a potential partner?

A) Loyalty.
B) Positivity.
C) Wisdom.
D) Strength.
E) Adventurousness.

5. What kind of relationships have you most OFTEN found yourself in?

A) Painful ones, marked by betrayal, cruelty or unrequited love.
B) Casual and fun connections, more than longstanding commitments.
C) Some good, some bad, some ugly.
D) Long-term committed relationships.
E) You don’t feel you have ever experienced true love.

6. Which statement about money MOST closely aligns with your own?

A) You can’t take it with you, so spend it now.
B) It is the root of all evil.
C) Its presence can’t make you happy, but its absence can make you unhappy.
D) It makes the world go around, it is an important means to an end.
E) It comes . . . and it goes.

7. What is your current attitude towards health?

A) It gets in the way of you living the life you want to live.
B) It is OK and you work hard to maintain that.
C) You worry a lot about symptoms and possible future issues.
D) You feel well and are grateful for that.
E) It is something you really want to work on.

8. Which of the following is MOST important to you?

A) Not having regrets.
B) Protecting what you have built.
C) Learning to be content and happy with who you are.
D) Feeling motivated to work on the things you want to be different in your life.
E) Setting and achieving ambitions which make you feel excited.


Mostly As

THE Six of Cups, for love and relationships, reveals there is someone from your past aching to reconnect with you.

Take a trip down memory lane and see if anyone comes to mind. You once held enormous love and affection for this person, but things drifted. It is time to re-establish that bond.

The Five of Coins shows there have been real hardships in regards to work and finances. You have learnt to never to let success go to your head, nor failure to your heart.

At work, ask for feedback and seek advice and guidance to help increase your sense of financial security.

The Four of Swords hints you are feeling overwhelmed by recent circumstances. You have fought to keep going and keep smiling but it is draining.

Take some time for yourself. Use this summer to process what you need to leave behind in your past and move forwards to take on fresh opportunities.

Mostly Bs

Your cards: Four of Cups, The Sun, The Emperess

THE Four of Cups shows you are in danger of taking some of your relationships for granted. Reignite the fires by doing new things together this month.

If you are single, it is possible you have an admirer you have completely overlooked.

They may not seem like your usual type but look again, because they are a hidden gem.

The Sun card reveals your career and finances will take a positive upwards turn this summer, so act bold and go for new opportunities, roles or promotions.

Your wellbeing and health is represented by The Empress, which shows natural remedies and healthy eating are your keys to maximum health this season.

The Empress is the Mother Nature card – the more time you can spend in natural landscapes like parks, forests, or beaches, the better.

Mostly Cs

THE Judgement card shows you are re-evaluating your relationships and some of them just won’t make the cut after lockdown.

Whether it’s a friend who has disappointed you or a partner who doesn’t bring you happiness, end this relationship with compassion and move on.

The Ace of Coins is a good omen for work and money. Something new is brewing but it won’t magically happen overnight. Look for things you can invest in like training courses or savings schemes.

The Death card reveals you feel uneasy or unsettled at the moment because, deep down, you can sense things are changing and you don’t like change.

Schedule time for self-care (that’s essentially doing anything that makes you feel good) and keep a diary of what’s happening, your thoughts and ideas.

Mostly Ds

THE Seven of Coins points to your longest-running relationships. Just because you have been with someone a long time, or been friends for years, doesn’t mean it’s working.

Be totally honest: Have things changed? Have you? Do you both still want the same things?

This is a turning point to make some decisions, not just about staying or going, but about how to work together to reforge your bond. If you are single, this may be a hint that someone you left behind may return to your life.

The Ace of Wands shows you will be given the chance to work on a passion of yours at work in some way – and you should be the one to suggest it. If you are out of work, you should add this passion to your application to stand out.

The Nine of Cups card means you’ve got a wish-come-true pass waiting for you and the higher you aim, the better the outcome. Make a wish, and then make an overt move in its direction. 

Mostly Es

THE Devil card asks you to look long and hard at yourself at your relationships. Are there repeat patterns or self-limiting beliefs which trip you up?

The Devil gives you the willpower to change habits of a lifetime, for the better. Be clear about what you need in love and set your bar there. Don’t compromise or make excuses for others.

The Wheel of Fortune asks you to shake it up in work. Now is a great time to look for moves and advancements and changes.

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Ask yourself, if you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do? Then do it.

The Ten of Wands suggests you are doing too much and outgrowing many of your current commitments. Less is more.

Prioritise the things that are important to you in your schedule and then shrink the load.

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