Supermum Stacey Solomon makes lockdown and home schooling look easy – here are her top tips

 THE daily slog of home schooling and having the kids around 24/7 is enough to test most parents – but not Stacey “Supermum” Solomon.

The Loose Women star is pulling out all the parenting stops and documenting it on Instagram.

Her four million followers cannot get enough of her hacks. Stacey even transformed her bathroom into a “beach” with real sand for her “Pickles” – Zachary, 12, Leighton, eight, and Rex, one. The snap drew 518,000 likes.

Claire Dunwell, who has two boys, aged 14 and ten, takes a look at Stacey’s inspiring mummy moments.

Snack options

 STACEY’S clever “Tap to Tidy” Instagram posts are addictive.

Even her snack cupboard gets star treatment, with crisp packets and chocolate bars beautifully organised, hanging from pegs on, or in baskets.

If you are anything like me you’ll have a half-eaten lemon cake clumsily wrapped in tin foil and a couple of bags of Wotsits buried at the back of the cupboard.

Stacey, any chance you could nip round and sprinkle some of your magic?

Baby ballpit

STACEY loves sharing photos of Rex, the adorable son she has with her fiance, former EastEnders actor Joe Swash.

She must have had some sort of sixth sense in January last year, predicting soft play areas would be out of bounds for a while – as she turned a corner of her living room into one, complete with ball pit.

While most parents spend their days squinting at fluorescent plastic toys, Stacey keeps Rex happy in this safe spot, decked out to complement the room’s grey colour theme.


Screen team

NOW why didn’t I think of this?

While the rest of us are busy refereeing the Xbox bust-ups as siblings battle for screen time, Stacey nailed that problem with this fun set-up.

She shared a snap of Zachary and Leighton playing on their consoles together – but with a screen each to avoid fall-outs.

Not cheap, but money well spent and mum can sit back and watch telly.

Bathroom beach

WOW, just WOW – I take my boring mum hat off to you, Stacey.

Creating a make-shift beach in your bathroom, complete with quite a bit of sand and a blue ocean in the bath, has given me anxiety.

Stacey shared the picture, along with the caption: “I feel this might be the only beach they visit for quite a while, so I thought why not, ey…”

Top marks though, and I’m sure the look of delight on those boys’ faces was worth every grain of sticky sand. Even if you did spend hours clearing it up afterwards.

Crayon masterpiece

THINK you’ve done well by giving your kids a cupboard or box to put all their stationery in for home-schooling? Think again.

While most parents are scrubbing crayons off the walls, Stacey has stacked her kids’ ones in shade order.

Note to self: Must try harder.

Recycled pencil cases

BY skilfully recrafting old plastic bottles into pencil cases, Stacey is teaching her children to care for the environment.

It is a brilliant idea and puts my bog – standard B&M pen pots to shame.

Can’t wait to get my boys decanting congealed ketchup this weekend.

Fruity animals and characters

DAIRYLEA Dunkers simply don’t cut it for Stacey when it comes to snacks for the kids.

She loves surprising them with fruit and veggies which she turns into fun cartoon characters and animals.

If my boys eat a banana, that’s a win.

I wish I had the time or inclination to create fruit faces, I really do.

Make your own McDonald's

WHEN McDonald’s shut because of the pandemic, Stacey went above and beyond.

In an Instagram film, she frantically colours in cardboard, explaining how she had printed off a McDonald’s nugget box template but her printer ink ran out.

Never show your kids the video.

Burgers and chips on a plate are FINE.

Fridge goals

HER fridge is ridiculously well organised, with each container clearly tagged – Stacey’s sister Jemma, aka The Label Lady, keeps her stocked up on stickers.

Her food prepping on a Sunday means she can label her meals for the week ahead, creating a chilled food mecca.

It’s a far cry from most of our fridges, right? Mine looks like we’ve played “leftover Jenga”.

Matching PJs

STACEY loves seeing her Pickles wearing matching PJs and boy, do they look cute in them.

I dread to think what she would say if she saw my kids in their mismatched tops and bottoms, which have been through the wash a hundred times.

Don’t worry kids, I won’t be sharing on Instagram.

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