Stacey Solomon and Mrs Hinch compare their privates to a ‘wind tunnel’ and ‘welly boot’ after childbirth in candid chat

STACEY Solomon and Mrs Hinch have jokingly compared the size of their bits after childbirth in a candid chat with their partners.

Mum-of-three Stacey sat down with the queen of clean Mrs Hinch, aka Sophie Hinchliffe, as the new mums had a frank discussion about labour, childbirth and parenting.  

The two women became firm friends after Stacey and her partner, Joe Swash, 37, welcomed baby Rex in May, and Sophie and her husband, Jamie, welcomed baby Ronnie in June.

Stacey, 30, chatted with the mum-of-one on her podcast Here We Go Again, as all four parents discussed their pre and post-birth experiences.

The women jokingly compared the size of their bits after welcoming their sons, with Stacey revealing she asked her midwife about hers.

Stacey: “The other day I asked my midwife, because he came out really quickly, and apparently I only did one big push and he just came out.

“So I was like, is my nunny massive, is that what it is.”

Mrs Hinch quipped: “Is it a welly boot?”

Stacey: “Is it like a tunnel, a wind tunnel. And she was like ‘no’.

"But it really does, I think oh my god three kids have come out of there.”

Sophie added that she also worried if hers was the same size after welcoming Ronnie, following a “complicated” pregnancy.

She said: “I do think, is my nun, is it the same?”

At which point Stacey chipped in: “Apparently it’s exactly the same.”

And after a moment’s silence, Jamie said: “I’m not sure I’m obliged to answer that at this time of the day.”

While Joe chimed in as well, revealing : “I couldn’t tell you. She hasn’t let me near hers.”

Sophie admitted that she may in fact be having the opposite issue – with her going ‘the other way’.

She said: “You know what, this is going to sound mad, but I’ve gone the other way.

“It’s really weird, I’ve gone the other way haven’t I. "

Jamie jokingly said: “Well if we want to show off, we could say it was always like that, but that’s a lie.

Is it a welly boot

“Trying to make myself feel good. ‘It was always like that babe.’”

Mrs Hinch added: “I dunno, maybe it will go away soon. But I don’t know. I feel I’ve gone the other way, it’s really scared me.”

Jamie replied: “Talk about high to a low. You’re teasing me.”

And there was a consensus from the women that they were ruling out another baby any time soon, while both Joe and Jamie were keen to have another.

Joe asked the Hinchlife’s: “Are you at the stage of thinking, might add a brother or sister to the clan?”

Referring to her husband, Sophie said: “He is. I ain’t.”

Agreeing, Stacey said: “I’m bloody not.”

Mrs Hinch revealed that she’d had a tough pregnancy, and she needed stitches after childbirth.

Recalling the labour, she said: “I was shaking, I was still traumatised, and to walk into the room, this poor bloke was called Henry –  that was his name I remember it – he walked in and went we’re just going to stitch you up.

”I went ‘no, can you go out’.

“I had three stitches, and I was home the same day.”

She added that she’d given birth without any pain relief either, as her labour was only around two hours long after being induced.

Sophie said: “The problem is it was too late for me to have any pain relief. “

She later reflected that she the reality of birth was very different from what she had anticipated.  

Mrs Hinch said: “I didn’t think it would be as traumatic as it was. That’s the one thing that stuck in my head.”

Stacey agreed, saying there was a common misconception around labour, saying: “That’s because childbirth often isn’t sold to you as a trauma.

“It’s sold to you as a miracle, and it is don’t get me wrong.

“But it’s also, for a lot of women it’s a trauma. That pain.”

The two mums regularly share snaps on social media of them and their boys together, ever since striking up a friendship when Stacey messaged the cleaning influencer on social media to ‘check in’ on her.

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