Some Said Lil Nas X Was a One-Hit Wonder. They Were Wrong.

Hosted by Dodai Stewart

Featuring Jazmine Hughes

Produced by Tally Abecassis and Elyssa Dudley

Edited by Theo Balcomb

With Tracy Mumford, Phyllis Fletcher and Sara Sarasohn

This show contains strong language.

In 2019, the trap banjo beat of “Old Town Road” became a background feature of our lives. For months, it was everywhere: fueled by viral memes, TikTok and a controversy with the country charts. (The song spent 19 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard charts, longer than “I Will Always Love You” and “Macarena.)

Many expected Lil Nas X to disappear, his hit a fluke. Instead, two years later, the singer is back with two more summer-defining songs. He spoke with The New York Times about his upbringing in Atlanta, a deep Nicki Minaj fandom and how, after years of hiding himself, he’s trying to be it all: a hitmaker, a huge pop star, an out gay man and a sexual being.

In this podcast episode:

Dodai Stewart, a deputy editor for Narrative Projects at The New York Times.

Jazmine Hughes, a writer for The New York Times Magazine. She ate pastrami with Lil Nas X in Los Angeles, where he told her, at 29, she was “aging gracefully.”

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