Six ways to prevent your clothes from bobbling – including shaving your garments like Mrs Hinch

WE'VE all fallen victim to the dreaded bobbling on your clothes, you know, those pesky balls off fluff that form on all your favourite winter items.

And while we can certainly remove them with the good ol' razor trick (thanks Mrs Hinch and her army of fans), there are some easy ways to prevent it from happening at all.

First thing's first, bobbles form when loose bits of material come loose and then get knotted in the fabric of the garment.

It's normally a result of constant rubbing which can happen in the wash or when the fabric is brushed against another surface for long periods of time.

Cleaning fans have found that using a razor to shave them off works a treat and gets everything from bed sheets, to clothes and even sofas looking new.

But putting a stop to the balls of fluff starts and ends with the wash, and how you wash them could have a very different impact on the end result.

1. Wash on a short, delicate cycle – and always separately

The faster the spin cycle, the more damage done to the clothing item, so keep the wash cycle short with limited spinning.

Also, keep delicate clothes – such as those prone to bobbling – seperate and away from tougher fabrics which will rub against the softer material.

2. Choose your washing detergent carefully

Always choose soft, liquid varieties over the hard, powdered types which can rub against clothes.

The rubbing will, you guessed it, causes bobbling – and that's what we're trying to avoid.

3. Wash inside out

If to don't have time for multiple load, or you're simply not bothered, turn the delicate items inside out before chucking them in the wash.

This way, when bobbles do form (and they will), they'll be on the inside of the item and relatively unseen.

4. Try handwashing

You could also skip the washing machine altogetherand try handwashing instead – which will always be the gentlest way,

Or if you have a handwash cycle on your machine, that could work too.

5. Avoid the tumble dryer

When it comes to drying your favourite frocks and sweaters, avoid the dryer and air dry instead.

The heat and friction can cause pilling resulting in more bobbles with every spin.

6. Brush (your clothes) regularly

No, not with a hair brush or a tooth brush even, but a lint roller or a special garment brush.

These will ensure there's no loose fabric lingering on your clothes which is what turns into bobbles.

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