Sexpert insists size ISN’T everything and argues well-endowed men are often worse in bed

A SEXPERT has busted a popular sex myth, and says the opposite is actually true.

Nadia Bokody, from Sydney, said she's baffled why men are so obsessed with the size of their manhood – as she reckons well-endowed men are often worse in bed.

Speaking about a recent date, when Nadia had a poke around her bloke's bathroom, she was horrified to discover he wears XXL condoms.

"Despite popular folklore, men with large penises are not every woman’s dream," she wrote for "Guys with big you-know-whats rarely live up to the hype."

Nadia reckons the poor performance of guys with big packages could be down to their lack of ever having to work for anything.

And, for the 75 per cent of women unable to orgasm from penetration alone, a man's penis size is nowhere near as important as other skills.

In case you're wondering what we're talking about here, research has shown the average erect penis measures at just 13.12cm, and 85 per cent of men vary from this by just an inch-and-a-half.

Despite this, there's one sure-fire way to emasculate a man, by making fun of the size of his manhood.

Nadia wrote: "Because men with small penises might as well be women – and we all know there’s nothing worse than being compared to a woman!"

Moving forward, she says we need a societal shift in order to boost men's bedroom skills – and address "toxic masculinity".

Nadia said: "One might determine it’s our social construction of masculinity that needs further examination, not men’s genital measurements.

"That, as long as we tie what it means to be a man to arbitrary figures like the number of women he’s bedded or how big his package is, we’ll continue to perpetuate the same toxic ideals around manhood that got us here in the first place."

Nadia previously argued women "aren’t broken" when they can’t orgasm – and said the bloke is always to blame.

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