Savvy mums are sharing their budget Ikea hacks… including Stacey Solomon’s £1 tip which creates a stunning mirror wall

AS Ikea gears up to open a flagship store on London’s Oxford Street, interest has been piqued in DIY transformations of basic buys from the Scandi homeware brand.

Clemmie Fieldsend reveals some of the best.

Photo frame mirror: £33

LOOSE Women’s Stacey Solomon got creative with 12 black picture frames from Ikea, costing £1.75 each, to make a stunning large mirror.

The TV host popped out the glass from the frames, replaced them with mirrors, at £1 each, and glued them together to form a 4×3 grid.

Stacey’s total spend is a fraction of what a mirror of a similar size would cost.

Doormat stair runner: £18

WHO needs a carpet fitter? One savvy mum managed to transform her bland staircase using just a few doormats from Ikea.

At just £1.50 each, the 12 rattan runners glued to plain painted stairs created a show-stopping effect.

No wonder it went viral when she shared her handiwork on Instagram.

Pair of tables: £38

Influencer Mrs Hinch showed her Instagram followers a cheap way to make a trendy pair of tables.

Using a £4 white stool and matching mini coffee table for £19 from Ikea, Sophie Hinchliffe stuck a £12 woven tray from her range at F&F and a place mat costing £3 on each, creating a stylish space-saving set.

Bookcase bed frame: £50

CONVERT a pair of £25 Ikea Billy bookcases into a stylish bed with ample storage using just a few nails.

That’s what one mum did on TikTok to save space in her kid’s room.

Join the two bookcases together to form the bed frame, then put the mattress and sheets on top. The spaces underneath are ideal for storing children’s toys.

Shelving seat: £40

Create a stylish seat, which could go next to a window or at the end of a bed, using Ikea shelving.

Flip the £25 Kallax unit on its side. Then, on top of it, place scatter cushions or a seat cushion from a bench (costing £15).

Insert boxes in the spaces and the piece of furniture is both a seat and storage unit.

Spice rack beauty station: £3.50

THIS idea has all the right ingredients for success.

Take a wooden Bekvam spice rack out of the kitchen and into the bathroom to transform it into a vanity station for styling hair and applying make-up.

Lego table: £18

YOU could call this brick-a-brac – a Lego play area which a mum made from a £6 Ikea Lack table.

Cover it in Lego boards, £10 for five from Wilko, and use strong glue to attach two £1 tubs, also from Wilko, to the side.

Hey presto, you’ve got an organised play area for your kids.

Wardrobe door telly stand: £64

THIS ingenious media unit, which has extra storage space, was constructed by combining two Bekvam step stools, £25 each, and two Fonnes wardrobe doors, £7 each.

All from Ikea.

It’s cheaper and more chic than most telly stands – and you won’t see anyone else with one quite like it.

Basket lampshade: £25

YOU’LL start to see this £25 Ikea wicker basket in a whole new light when you turn it upside down.

Give it a lick of black paint, cut a small hole using a Stanley knife and fit a bulb through it.

Voila – the basket has become a fancy pendant shade.

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