Sagittarius weekly horoscope: What your star sign has in store for December 5 – 11


NOV 23 – DEC 21

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Your sun and Mercury star team keep you on top of any power games, because you are thinking so fast this week, but also radiating goodwill. 

You can lead with confidence, and with charm. 

This is what a potential partner will fall for, first. 

If you’re already in a relationship, Venus values what’s different about two people as much as what they have in common.

DESTINY DAYS: Wednesday and Thursday are days to set differences aside and work together as a team. A dating face you can’t forget can reappear on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS: A fitness teacher and a psychology student. Food that reminds you of family celebrations.

RUNE REVELATIONS: A lawyer can be a central player in your near future, according to your rune, MANNAZ. 

This is the symbol of emotional and practical values being brought together – and this can be through a legal relationship arrangement, or perhaps a business deal. 

And people who think very alike, even though they may behave very differently, can make such a successful and rewarding team.   

This is also a rune of work progress – but you must be honest about your ambitions, and not adjust them to suit other people’s opinions or timetables.  Someone with links to the law can be a perfect love match.

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