Saffron Drewitt-Barlow – I’ve spent $100k on surgery after trolls said I had flat boobs, now dad wants me to get more

MOST 21-year-olds would think long and hard about getting lip fillers, but for Saffron Drewitt-Barlow they’re small fry – she’s already been having them for five years.

That’s why she thought nothing of booking herself in for a Brazilian Butt Life (BBL) TODAY, just a month after having her first boob job.

Fabulous’ new columnist opens up about her love of cosmetic surgery this week, an obsession which has already seen her splash $100k on procedures despite only turning 21 in December.

The self-confessed Daddy’s girl has the total backing of father Barrie, 50, known to millions as one of Britain’s first gay dads.

He and ex-partner Tony, 56, hit the headlines with a photo of them cradling Saffron and her twin Aspen in 1999.

They went on to have three more kids via surrogates, 17-year-old Orlando and twins Dallas and Jasper, 11. They’ve since split and have new partners, with Barrie welcoming four-month-old Valentina, also via surrogate, with his new love Scott, 27.

Scott is Saffron’s ex, but the happily-blended family now all live together in their 10-bed mansion in Florida.

This week Saffron opens up about the surgery she’s had so far – and why Barrie thinks she’ll regret not going bigger with her recent boob job.

“I’ve always had in my mind that I’d get my boobs done because growing up I got really trolled for my figure.

People said, ‘You look like a boy, you have chest like my brother, you have no boobs at all, look at your flat-chest.’ Really mean and hurtful things.

So when I turned 21 in December I decided it was time to do me – my choice, my life.

I was tiny before, I didn’t even have to wear a bra. I basically never bothered, I was a 34AA but have gone to a full C.

When I told my daddy [Barrie] what I was planning he just said, ‘Oh go big. If you’re paying for something get the biggest and the best you can so you don’t have to go back.’

He was really anti me keeping it natural, he wanted me to get a DD. But I didn’t want them to be overblown, it’s not for me.

I’m glad I ignored him too because I’m really, really happy with how they turned out.

He says they were a waste of money at $15,000 but I love how they look, they make me feel so much more confident.

Daddy was with me, he’s such a control freak he was trying to tell the doctors what to do the whole time.

He was the first person I saw when I woke up and I felt so fine I didn’t think I’d even had it done yet.

I went to Dr Miami and he was so good that when I was having a one-month check with him on Friday I decided to book in for my BBL.

I’m having it on Tuesday, it’s my treat after my dad [Tony] gave me $15million last week to celebrate a business windfall.

It’ll be natural. They take your own fat and put it in your bum, so it’s not implants or silicone or anything. It’ll look bigger and more voluptuous but it won’t look unnatural.

I’ll have to stay in his hotel for two weeks with his nurses, then in total it’s six weeks recovery.

It’s costing me $30,000, which is nothing really.

Before these two procedures I’d only had my lips done, I started that when I was 16 because I hated how thin they were.

Pre-Covid times I’d have top-ups every three-to-six months, I’ve probably spent about $50,000 in total on them.

The first time I had them done I wasn’t keen, I didn’t get the plump and even look I wanted.

That’s why daddy thought I should go bigger with my boobs, because straight away I did with my lips.

I’m really happy with them now, well actually I need a top-up, but I love how full they look after they’re done.

I’ve only had massive swelling once and it was just for a couple of days – it taught me you get what you pay for though, so now more cut-price jabs for me.

After my BBL I think I’m done for a bit, although I am considering jaw filler and Botox I know I’ll 100% do when I’m older to make sure I always look young.

We can go for a package deal, daddy can have the face lift and the lipo and I’ll get the Botox.”

Last week, Saffron shared how her ex dates her dad & brags about their sex life.

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Saffron previously revealed her dads spend £200k on Christmas gifts – including a Bentley.

And  Barrie and Scott celebrated their daughter's birth with £50,000 of baby clothes and are already planning on twins.

And cruel trolls slammed ‘spoiled’ daddies’ girl Saffron over video taken moments after getting £2k lip fillers.

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