Royal fans are convinced the Queen has been hacked after bizarre tweets from official account quizzes followers on LOO PIPES, fungi and the alphabet

The official page, which has 3.86 million followers shared a number of “baffling” questions about funghi, redundant alphabet letters and even toilet-related maths teasers.

It turns out that the @royalfamily account hadn’t been hacked and the royals aren’t set to become the next tricky quiz hosts on Twitter.

If fans read the tweets in chronological order, the first tweet explained they were a string of questions from the 1869 exam sat by nine pioneering women, who were the first to join the University of London.

The first question shared by the Twitter account was: “By what physiological peculiarities do Fungi differ from other plants?”

Next, royal enthusiasts were asked a maths question: “A cistern is fitted with three pipes, one of which will fill it in 48 minutes, the other in an hour, and the third in half an hour. How long will it take to fill the cistern when all three pipes are open together?”

And finally, quizzers were asked: “How many redundant letters are there in the English Alphabet? What would be the ideal of a perfect alphabet, and how far does the English Alphabet fall short of that ideal?”

The questions were shared in honour of Princess Anne hosting an event at the university last night.

Leading women from across the globe were invited to talk about equality, which prompted the sharing of the questions.

Twitter users who didn’t know the context of the questions, were quick to ask if the account had been hacked and to query what was going on.

One said: “Have you been hacked?!”

Another added: “Who let Prince Phillip handle the Twitter account?”

Meanwhile one user commented: “Has someone hacked this site???”

Princess Anne said to event guests at St James’ Palace: “Education has never been more relevant or necessary to advance knowledge and I am delighted to celebrate the role that women have played in that advancement over the last 150 years.”

The Royal Family Twitter account regularly posts about the news and events of the famous family.

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