Rich Kids of Instagram celebrate the arrival of summer with smug pool selfies, car bragging and bottle feeding grizzly bears – The Sun

AS the sun comes out it’s time for pool parties, holidays and travelling – rich kids style.

The Rich Kids of Instagram are littering our feeds once again with their sun-soaked snaps now summer is here.

Showing us how the other half do summer, the wealthy splash their cash on exotic holidays, quad bikes, and serious amounts of bling.

Designer handbags, entire rooms filled with flowers and even a grizzly bear make an appearance on the social media site.

With money no object, these kids proudly flaunt their private jets and fleets of supercars.

And seeing as it’s summer, those designer sunglasses are out in force as well.

Going swimmingly

Bear wrong

Flower power

Wheelie good

Ship shape

Lady in red

All white

Dog's dinner

High-way life

Double trouble

Plane sailing

Mapped out

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