Retta Teamed Up with ELOQUII to Create Her 'Dream Holiday Outfit': 'Nowhere to Go, Plenty of Clothes to Wear'

Retta knows a thing or two about how to Treat Yo’ Self — and for the actress this year, that’s meant plenty of online shopping.

The Parks and Recreation and Good Girls star, 50, tells PEOPLE that she’s been relying on retail therapy to combat stress throughout the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “I have nowhere to go, but I have plenty of clothes to wear,” she quips.

While she spent the first four months of quarantine in “just whatever — the raggedy sweats,” she says that “when my online shopping really kicked in, I started ordering cute lounge sets and sweat suits and track suits. So I definitely upped my game in that department.”

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Now, she adds, she has “started actually putting on presentable clothes.” While she’s not leaving the house much, she tells PEOPLE that she still puts in an effort for her Instagram Story, which she explains is “my version of leaving the house, where people see me.”

Retta’s online shopping habit has parlayed into one of her longtime dreams: designing a capsule wardrobe. The actress has a new collaboration with ELOQUII, a retailer that caters exclusively to sizes 14-28.

Asked to design her “dream holiday outfit,” Retta knew exactly what she wanted: winter white. “I’ve always loved a winter white look — any time of the day, any time of the year, I love it,” she shares.

“I knew I wanted a turtleneck look with a coat. Because it’s very hard to find a white coat for my size and I’ve always wanted one,” she says of her initial inspiration. “So I started Googling white coats and looking at different pockets and whether they had buttons,” adding that she knew she “wanted a fur collar” and ultimately decided on a removable one.

Throughout the process of working with ELOQUII, Retta tells PEOPLE that she “was really grateful, because they know plus.” Her capsule is part of the ELOQUIIDROP: Six Icons, Six Days launch, which features limited-edition pieces that are perfect for getting glam ahead of the holidays.

“I’ve always wanted to do a capsule somewhere — I’d met with my team," she said. "That’s when I started learning it’s hard to do something with someone who doesn’t do plus."

Eloquii was the perfect partner, because as a dedicated plus brand, they had shape standards already in place, and she knew their quality as someone who had already purchased many items from the bran.d “I would say since probably 2010 or 2011, I own just about half of everything they’ve ever sold,” she says of the brand.

When it came to modeling the clothes herself, Retta says that the experience was a delight. “Firstly, it was exciting that it was my design,” she explains. “Secondly, I’m surrounded by people who are hyping me up — it was a day full of people telling you how good you look,” she says, laughing. Sounds like the cure to the quarantine blues to us!

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