Restaurant cooks up the world’s most expensive curry dish for the coronation — priced at an eye-watering £2,000 | The Sun

A RESTAURANT has made what it says is the world’s most expensive curry — at more than £2,000.

 The chicken tikka dish created for the Coronation is infused with pricey spices and topped with 24 carat gold leaf.

Its makers say it is “fit for a King” — and ordering it may require a similar level of wealth to our freshly crowned monarch.

It is available for an eye-popping £2,023 this weekend from Saffron in Northampton, with takeaway also an option.

Owner Naz Islam said: “We have sourced the very finest ingredients from around the world to produce a curry that is fit for a King.

“We will be using 10g of Asian saffron in the dish, one of the most expensive spices you can buy. Edible gold leaf will top the dish to give it an extra regal feel.”


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He added: “The price tag might be prohibitive unless you live in a palace but for any royalists with deep pockets this is the perfect way to show your support for our new King and Queen.”

He said a special delivery was arranged to Buckingham Palace so that King Charles had the chance to taste it himself.

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