Real Housewives mum Kim Zolciak slammed for posting a photo of her five-year-old daughter’s naked bum on Instagram

Kim, who stars in The Real housewives of Atlanta, posted a photo of five-year-old Kaia riding a scooter with her trousers falling down.

The mum-of-six captioned the post: “Kaiabiermann is out here enjoying her new scooter”.

She added the youngster was ‘living her best life’, and despite the 40-year-old blurring her daughter’s bottom, people have questioned why she didn’t just retake the picture.

Since being uploaded to Instagram the photo, which shows Kaia in a pink helmet and striped trousers, has received more than 60,000 likes.

But many people have described it as bait for paedophiles and told her to take it down.

One person said: “Not cool. There’s a lot of pedophiles out there…

“Even tho [sic] this is blurred out I just think this is too much.


“There’s other pics you can post.”

Another person agreed, saying: “Too much pedophiles and abductors out there… take it down.”

A third said: “It’s very innocent but it’s something that shouldn’t be shared on social media because she’s a star and shouldn't have posted a picture of her daughter and there’s a lot of weirdos and creeps on the internet.”

Another person posted: “You really should take this down.”

This person said: “Poor choice as a mother.

“You need to rethink this to protect your daughter from evil elements.”

And another person wrote: “Too many weirdos out here to be putting that on the internet.”

Not everyone thought it was an issue, with one person saying: "Leave her baby alone!!!

"She's a kid having fun."

But it’s not the first time Kim has come under fire over her daughter’s bottom.

She was accused of photoshopping Kaia’s rear to look bigger in a photo, after it appears to look smaller in an original.

Earlier this year Instagram account thegoodthebadandthefake claimed the star had altered an image of Kaia.

Sharing side by side photos including the 'original' taken by one of Kim’s other daughters, Brielle, 21, Kim was accused of also making Kaia more tanned and her slimming her nose.

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