Queen Elizabeth latest – Covid & health scares 'force her to STEP BACK & begin handing role to Prince Charles & William'

PRINCE Charles and Prince William are 'preparing to step into the Queen's role' after Her Majesty's multiple health scares.

According to royal expert Russell Myers, Charles and William are both preparing to take on The Queen’s royal duties as she continues to recover from Covid-19.

Russell says: “There was an awful lot of calls last week even though the Queen was suffering from Covid about whether we would hear from Her Majesty.

“First of all, we heard from Prince William and Kate they showed their solidarity with the people of Ukraine having met their president and wife in recent months. 

“But powerful words from Prince Charles yesterday he was in Southend, the town has become a city for the first time in tribute to the late Sir David Ames who was tragically murdered last year. 

“I think this is another changing of the guard because we’re hearing from Prince Charles very statesmanlike with those words standing shoulder to shoulder with the people of Ukraine.”

“Again, something that we’re seeing both Charles and William step to the role that the Queen has had for many years,” he added. 

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  • Joseph Gamp

    Elizabethan mansion to be site of first Platinum Jubilee wood

    The grounds of a 16th century Elizabethan mansion will be the site of the first 70-acre wood to mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, the Woodland Trust has said.

    The woodland will be planted at Burghley House in Stamford, Lincolnshire – which was built by William Cecil, Lord High Treasurer to Elizabeth I – to mark the 70-year reign of the current monarch.

    The Woodland Trust is encouraging landowners to help establish up to 70 Platinum Jubilee woods as part of the Queen's Green Canopy, an initiative which is inviting people across the UK to "plant a tree for the jubilee".

    The charity, which is a leading delivery partner of the Queen's Green Canopy, is offering advice and support for landowners to create 70-acre woodlands as part of the celebrations.

    Burghley House, a stately home set in a 300-acre deer park landscaped by "Capability" Brown, has become the first confirmed Platinum Jubilee Wood under the scheme.

    The new woodland will add to the 60-acre Diamond Jubilee Wood, created by the estate with the Woodland Trust in 2012.

  • Joseph Gamp

    William & Kate 'getting kids involved in farming'

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are getting their children involved in farming, the couple revealed on a day out to Wales to mark St David's Day.

    The future Prince and Princess of Wales were visiting a goat farm in Llanvetherine, near Abergavenny, and shared how Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis had helped with their animals during half term.

    It is thought the family were in Norfolk, where the Prince of Wales has been working to turn the Queen's Sandringham estate into a fully organic operation.

    During a day spent in the Welsh valleys, the couple tried making traditional Welsh cakes at a community centre but the future king told the young people watching: "Do not judge my cooking…"

    As they toured Pant Farm, where Gary and Jess Yeomans, both 50, produce goats' milk that has supplied a local cheesemaker for the past two decades, William spotted a robot silage sweeper in one of the barns.

    Gary explained it could also be used to move feed, and the duchess replied: "That was George's job at half term – moving feed."

    William told his hosts the children had been getting involved on the farm and added: "We are trying some Agroforestry as well."

    The method involves planting crops in between rows of trees to provide healthier soil, higher yields and vital homes for wildlife.

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    Changing over…

    According to royal expert Russell Myers, Charles and William are both preparing to take on The Queen’s royal duties as she continues to recover from Covid-19.

    Russell says: “There was an awful lot of calls last week even though the Queen was suffering from Covid about whether we would hear from Her Majesty.

    “First of all, we heard from Prince William and Kate they showed their solidarity with the people of Ukraine having met their president and wife in recent months. 

    “But powerful words from Prince Charles yesterday he was in Southend, the town has become a city for the first time in tribute to the late Sir David Ames who was tragically murdered last year. 

    “I think this is another changing of the guard because we’re hearing from Prince Charles very statesmanlike with those words standing shoulder to shoulder with the people of Ukraine.”

    “Again, something that we’re seeing both Charles and William step to the role that the Queen has had for many years,” he added. 

  • Milica Cosic

    William & Kate want George to 'forget about his destiny'

    According to a royal expert, Prince William and Kate want Prince George to "forget about his huge destiny" to become King.

    Royal author Duncan Larcombe has claimed George could move to a school outside London to make his life seem "normal". 

    Larcombe said: "I think it's a good statement of intention from William and Kate because Kate obviously grew up there and William went to school there.

    "They live in London because they kind of have to but they're country people at heart.

    "This is a natural move for two very caring parents to follow the Middleton framework.

    "Berkshire is also closer to the grandparents on both sides so maybe their intention is almost to let George forget about his huge destiny, go off to a school in the Home Counties and try and make it as normal as possible."

  • Milica Cosic

    Kate opens up about ancestry

    During her most recent trip to Wales, Kate Middleton opened up about her ancestry.

    During the trip, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited a goat farm in Llanvetherine, where Kate revealed she has a farming background.

    She told her hosts at the farm: "I was looking into my ancestry and there was someone who was a rare breed goat farmer. 

    "I will have to find out which one it was. It was just after the First World War."

  • Milica Cosic

    Pictured: Inside Kate & William's trip to Wales

    Yesterday, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Wales to celebrate the nation's people and culture to mark St David's Day.

    During their visit, the royal couple visited Pant Farm, which has been providing milk to a local cheese producer for nearly 20 years.

    The duke and duchess also took the opportunity to celebrate an important historical moment as they "planted a tree for the Jubilee" as part of the Queen's Green Canopy, an initiative created to celebrate the monarch's 70-year reign.

    This was done at the Blaenavon Heritage Centre in Blaenavon, where after the royal couple visited the Neon Youth Club at Blaenavon Hwb in Blaenavon where they chatted to youngsters.

    Prince William and Kate Middleton visit a cheese stall at Abergavenny MarketCredit: Reuters
    Kate Middleton during a visit Abergavenny and Blaenavon in WalesCredit: PA
    Prince William plants a tree at the Blaenavon Heritage Centre, Wales.Credit: PA
    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the Neon Youth Club at Blaenavon HwbCredit: PA
  • Milica Cosic

    Searches for Kate Middleton's ‘red scarf’ explode 

    Analysis of Google search data reveals that online searches for ‘red scarf’ exploded 300% in the UK on the 1st of March, after Kate Middleton was spotted wearing her iconic red scarf during a visit to Wales in honour of St David’s Day. 

    A spokesperson for Design Bundles commented on the findings:  

    “Kate’s statement red scarf has been seen on multiple occasions, dating back to over a decade ago. Often known for recycling statement pieces from her wardrobe, Kate Middleton’s enthusiasm for supporting sustainable fashion is admired by Brits throughout the nation, highlighted by this huge surge of Brits searching for the perfect red scarf after just one appearance. 

    Kate’s appearance is a perfect example of her admirable ability to consciously and discreetly use her timeless style to compliment the events she attends. In this case, pairing her iconic bold red scarf with a fabulous green coat, to reflect the colours of the Welsh flag in honour of St David’s Day.”  

    Kate Middleton at Pant Farm during a visit Abergavenny and Blaenavon in Wales, Britain March 1, 2022.Credit: Reuters
  • Milica Cosic

    Will & Kate’s appearance in Wales proves they’re ‘firm favourite’ (Continued…)

    Stanton also said: "What’s really interesting about William and Kate is that while at times we see them being affectionate with one another while out in public – like holding hands or linked arms – they are equally as comfortable keeping their distance and refraining from tactile displays. 

    “You’ll see here that they are often walking separately and there is a subtle yet noticeable distance between the two. However, they still appear in sync and within close proximity to one another, while instinctively still mirroring each other’s body movements – stepping forward with the same leg first or holding their arms in a similar manner. This is all reflective of a deep connection and love between them and something that cannot be faked, suggesting that their relationship is nothing but genuine.

    “This desire of theirs to mingle and interact with the British public, meet locals and their genuine want to fully embrace the places they visit is what makes them a firm favourite among Royal fans.”

  • Milica Cosic

    Will & Kate's appearance in Wales proves they're 'firm favourite' 

    Body language expert Darren Stanton has analysed Prince William and Kate Middleton's latest public appearance together in Wales. 

    Speaking on behalf of Betfair Casino, Darren reveals why the Royal couple are a 'firm favourite' among fans and what their appearance together revealed about their relationship. 

    Analysing the royal couple's appearance, Stanton said: “Whether she’s carrying out Royal engagements alone or with William in tow, it’s fair to say Kate is equally confident, as we’ve seen following her recent trip to Copenhagen. However, she appears to display an extra level of happiness when she and William are stepping out together. 

    “Kate clearly loves the Royal visits and there’s no doubt that she enjoys meeting new people and members of the public. Like it so often is, Kate’s face and eyes are fully engaged signifying genuine enjoyment and the fun she was having in the moment. Keen to get involved, during her recent appearance in Wales, Kate didn’t hold back and happily took part in petting the animals – a behaviour we tend not to see from senior members of the Royal family. At times, we see the same from William – like when he wasn’t afraid to get stuck in planting a tree during their appearance – although he still comes across as much more reserved than his wife."

  • Milica Cosic

    Kate & William's royal protocol broken

    The Duke and Duchess visited Nicky Hurts's cheese stand at Abergavenny market yesterday, where the market stallholder addressed the royals as "Kate" and "Will".

    The correct way to address a member of the Royal Family is by firstly calling them "Your Royal Highness" and then using "Sir" or "Ma'am".

    However, Ms Hurst said that the Cambridges were fussed by her informal address to them. She said: "They are lovely,

    "I wasn't sure what they'd be like and what to call them in terms of their titles. I called them 'Kate' and 'Will,' and they were really relaxed."

  • Milica Cosic

    Royal family's favourite dog breeds revealed

    While everybody knows The Queen adores corgis and dorgis, they are not the only breed adored by members of the royal family.

    Here are the royal family's favourite breeds:

    • The Queen – corgi's and dorgi's
    • Prince Charles – labrador's and Jack Russell Terriers
    • Prince William and Duchess Kate – cocker spaniel's
    • Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan – labrador's

    Queen's savage note to kitchen staff

    On one occasion, Her Majesty discovered a dead slug on her dinner plate… and she responded in the best way.

    The Queen's former servant, Charles Oliver, recalled the incident and how she reacted in his book 'Dinner at Buckingham Palace', reports MyLondon.

    Oliver revealed that when the Queen and her late husband Prince Philip would eat together, they would make notes about the meal in order to give feedback to the chef.

    "Once, on a torn-off top sheet the footmen found the dead body of a slug," Oliver said.

    On the note, the Queen had written: "I found this in the salad—could you eat it?"

    She then reportedly sent the plate of food and the note back to the kitchen.

    Good morning, Milica Cosic with you today reporting on all the latest news on The Queen and Royal Family.

    • John Hall

      We’ll mint again

      Forces’ sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn is being celebrated with the launch of £2 coins designed by the Royal Mint.

      The singer and entertainer lifted people’s spirits during the Second World War with songs including We’ll Meet Again and The White Cliffs Of Dover.

      The reverse design of the £2 coin design features a detailed portrait of Dame Vera, accompanied by her name and the dates denoting the years of her life. The coin also features an edge inscription that reads: “We’ll meet again”.

      Dame Vera continued to perform and win new fans long after the Second World War. She died in June 2020, aged 103.

      The coin, designed by the Royal Mint’s in-house designers, was originally unveiled as part of a five-coin collection.

      Dame Vera’s daughter, Virginia Lewis-Jones, said: “It’s fantastic to see my mother celebrated in this way and to ensure her legacy lives on.

      “We’re just so excited and pleased – even more so knowing that Royal Mint coins require approval of Her Majesty the Queen. I’m especially pleased that this coin is available to international collectors. Over the years I’ve always been touched by the sacks of letters we receive from people all over the world who have been moved in some way by my mother’s music, charity work or morale-boosting performances during the war.”

    • John Hall

      Andrew stopped receiving cash from public purse in 2019

      A Government spokesman said: “The Sovereign Grant supports the monarch and certain members of the Royal Family in carrying out their official duties.

      “Prince Andrew stopped receiving support through the Sovereign Grant in 2019 when he ceased carrying out official duties.”

    • John Hall

      Prince George could face major move

      Educational options are being considered by Kate and William, and could see George find a new school.

      Unlike his father, a move to Eton could now be off the table as the royal couple consider moving the their son to a prep school in Berkshire.

      According to royal reporter Rebecca English, the Lambrook School is widely considered a front-runner for the Prince.

      For George’s siblings, however, they will remain at Thomas’s Battersea for now.

      Writing in the Daily Mail, English claimed that reports suggest Princess Charlotte is “super happy and settled” at the school, and is likely to be joined by her younger brother Prince Louis

    • John Hall

      Racing trophy awarded by Queen Victoria could fetch £30,000 at auction

      A recently rediscovered horse racing trophy awarded by Queen Victoria in 1845 could fetch £30,000 at auction next month.

      Dubbed Her Majesty’s Vase, the silver piece was won by Sir John Barker-Mill at the Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall horse races and passed down through his family.

      However, the trophy was separated from its stand and the award’s significance was forgotten over time.

      Both pieces were recently brought back together when Sir John’s living relatives discovered the engraved base in an outbuilding.

      The trophy is expected to fetch between £20,000 and £30,000 when it goes under the hammer at Chiswick Auctions in London in March.

      It was commissioned for the races by Queen Victoria and crafted by silversmith John Samuel Hunt, and inspired by an ancient vase dating from the 2nd century AD that was found in fragments in 1770 at the bottom of a lake at Hadrian’s Villa near Rome.

    • John Hall

      Meghan’s ‘extraordinary’ meeting with Queen before royal exit

      A royal commentator has claimed in a documentary that Meghan Markle had a “extraordinary” meeting with the Queen before her and Prince Harry’s bombshell exit from the Royal Family.

      The fallout and subsequent events are charted and examined in tonight’s Channel 5 documentary, ‘Harry & Meghan vs the Monarchy’, in which royal experts like Ashely Pearson discusses Megxit.

      In the programme, Ms Pearson describes first meeting Meghan had with Harry’s grandmother, the Queen.

      She said: “The meeting went extremely well.

      “It actually ran over, which is an extraordinary thing for the way the Queen keeps her schedule.

      “Meghan was warmly welcomed. Here she is – articulate, bright, intelligent, well-spoken, beautiful, elegant — what is not to like?”

    • John Hall

      Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ‘excited’ for tour next month

      In a personal message on their Twitter account, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge said: “We are so excited to visit Belize, Jamaica and The Bahamas next month as we mark The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

      “We can’t wait to meet people in all three countries, celebrate local cultures and understand more about innovative work being done across communities.”

      The message was signed off with “W & C”.

    • John Hall

      Queen faces pressure to strip Harry of official role

      The Queen is under pressure from both the public and Parliament to strip Prince Harry and Prince Andrew of official roles as Counsellors of State.

      According to the Parliamentary paper, Prince Harry should no longer be eligible for the role given that the UK is no longer his permanent residence since he stepped back from royal life.

      The guidance under The Regency Act of 1937 states that all people who hold this position should be members of the Royal Family and importantly, “must be domiciled in ‘some part’ of the UK’.”

      The Regency Act of 1943 added that “if it appears to the Sovereign that any eligible Counsellor will be absent from the United Kingdom or intends to be so absent during the whole or any part of the period of such delegation, then Letters Patent [a legal tool at the Monarch’s disposal] may make provision for exempting that person.”

    • John Hall

      Why Princess Charlotte wasn’t christened in the Chapel Royal like her brothers

      THE christening of Prince Louis is just around the corner and will take place at Chapel Royal in St James’ Palace – the same location of the christening of Prince George.

      But was there a reason why Princess Charlotte, three, didn’t have her religious ceremony at the same location?

      Kate Middleton and Prince William’s only daughter was instead christened at the Church of St Mary Magdalene at Sandringham –  the same place that Princess Diana was christened.

      The different location was not due to rank or gender, as she is currently higher than Prince Louis in the line of succession.

      The reason is thought to the church’s close proximity to the family’s home in 2015, which was Anmer Hall in Norfolk.

      It is especially meaningful that Princess Charlotte was christened in the same spot as Diana, as her name is a tribute to the late royal.

      Her full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, with her middle name being a nod to Prince William’s mother, who passed away in 1997.

    • John Hall

      When will Prince Louis be christened?

      Traditionally, a royal baby is christened two to three months after their birth – and this is also the case for Prince Louis.

      It has been announced he will be christened on Monday July 9 – and we’re unlikely to see him again before then, according to royal experts.

      He will be christened by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby.

      The venue is The Chapel Royal, St James’s Palace in London, which is where his brother George was christened back in 2013.

    • John Hall

      ‘It’s the royal women keeping show on road’

      This is a comment piece by Petronella Wyatt

      The semi-detached Prince Harry continues his myopic moanathon from Montecito, yet remains a Counsellor of State. Likewise the disgraced Duke of York, who still holds sway over our Queen.

      Even Prince Charles’s usually crystall­ine reputation has been sewered by allegations of cash for honours, which, in fairness, he denies all knowledge of.

      Not for the first time in British history, it has been left to the female side, and in particular the Wives of Windsor, to pick up the slack for Queen and country.

      The admirable Princess Anne, bonny Kate, the softly shining Cam­illa, whom I suspect, once fully burnished, will be a flawless ruby in the crown.

      And the ever stalwart Sophie Wessex, who quietly goes about her charitable work as Grand President of St John Ambulance, and gave up her birthday to volunteer at an NHS vaccination centre.

      We should all go down on our knees and thank Heaven for such a golden harvest of royal women.

      Read the article in full here.

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